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WCS News Issue 3 Explores Managing Distribution Centers Automation

WCS News Issue 3 Explores Managing Distribution Centers Automation


Cincinnati, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2014 -- In the third issue of WCS News, a weekly e-news publication, Warehouse Control Systems (WCSs) explored the important aspects of managing the demands of distribution center’s (DCs) fulfillment requirements, from basic automation of manual processes through advanced automated material handling systems. The value proposition of robust warehouse control systems includes intelligent sortation logic, dynamic routing, inline scale interaction, data logging, and non-standard/seasonal operations capabilities.

The newsletter also discussed the relationship between SKU increases and space required to pick them. More efficient internal storage and picking methods are needed. The trend towards smaller shipments and higher order frequency continues to plague DCs. Orders must be processed, picked, and shipped with increasing speed. Accuracy in order fulfillment is vital. Picking errors lead to customer dissatisfaction and higher costs. Adoption of product-to-person technologies will improve both speed and accuracy. Distribution center managers need to know exactly where every item is located in the DC as well as the ongoing status of the order fulfillment process; WCS solutions provide this critical capability.

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