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We All Fall Down: Thrilling New Mystery Novel Turns Genre Back on Authors, as Writer's Killing Addiction Serves as Bizarre Therapy for Tragic Past

Masterfully crafted by P.K. Dawning, ‘We All Fall Down’ tells the story of a grief-stricken and substance-abusing author who appears to kill to calm the demons of his past; an oxymoron in itself. His young ghostwriter is falling in love with him, but faces some bold decisions as Detective Kim Langley closes in following yet another bloody murder. Few authors dare write about their ‘own kind’, but Dawning isn’t afraid to defy convention.


Wheatland, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2014 -- Tens of thousands of authors have written about hundreds of thousands of subjects, but rarely themselves. Just at a time when critics and readers are calling for a shake-up to the mystery genre, author P.K. Dawning bucks the trend with gusto to take readers into the dark and intricate mind of an author who makes headlines with more than just his pen.

‘We All Fall Down: A Detective Kim Langley Novel’ isn’t a typical murder mystery. But, then again, L.E. Payne is no ordinary grief-stricken author.


In the most haunted city in America, a killer has struck leaving the citizens of Savannah gripped in terror. After the discovery of a woman’s body -- strangled, mutilated, and discarded on the riverbank like a heap of trash -- homicide detective Kim Langley is determined to find the person responsible. But when the trail of disfigured corpses leads her back to her dark past and celebrity author L.E. Payne, she has to wonder- is the killer out for revenge? As she is forced to play the killer’s perverse game, she learns the past may be forgotten -- but never dies.

Dark and dangerous, L.E. Payne is suspected of being the merciless killer who hunts in the swamps of South Georgia. Blaming himself for the tragic accident of a co-ed twelve years earlier, Payne drowns his guilt in alcohol, preferring numbness to any emotion. Struggling with his haunted past and failing career, he strives to suppress his growing attraction to the beautiful ghostwriter, Anna Grace, as together they pen a story eerily similar to the murders that have rocked the Hostess City.

Working beside the mysterious writer, Anna is ever aware of the fact that she cannot trust the secretive man she’s falling for. But as the bodies line up one by one, Anna must decide if Payne is innocent or if he is a deadly monster unburden by guilt or remorse, a murderer who kills for the sheer thrill of the game.

“To be an author you need to be extremely tenacious and somewhat deceitful; as it’s our job to lead readers’ attention down a certain path and then divert it at the last moment with a twist. I figured that these qualities would also make a great murderer and ‘candidate’ for Det. Langley – but few writers have the brevity to turn things back on themselves!” explains Dawning.

Continuing, “This book does it with gripping aplomb and certainly stands as unique within the marketplace. Early reviews have been extremely positive so I think I hit onto a winner.”

Dawning isn’t exaggerating. Reader Joe comments, “Great read. Entertaining and suspenseful. I hope to hear about Det. Langley again soon.”

With the book’s popularity set to increase, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘We All Fall Down: A Detective Kim Langley Novel’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1vRIP5g

About P.K. Dawning
P.K. Dawning was born a seventh generation Southerner in a small town in North East Alabama, and takes great pride in writing Southern Fiction. Regardless of genre, all her stories employ elements of romance, mystery, and suspense. She splits her time between Sacramento, California and her family's Alabama estate.