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We Even Have Trophies for the Lesser-Known Sports, Too


Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/28/2012 -- Baseball, basketball, football, and soccer. Sometimes it's all that people think about when it comes to modern day sporting events. This is probably because modern media only offers us a limited amount of sports coverage throughout the year. But, as we all know, certain parts of the world have their own specific sports that they dote on, cheer on and play to the end, revealing strategies and nuanced plays that only those on the inside will ever understand. Even semi-popular sports like archery and cricket get short shrift in their respective countries compared to other, more popular sports.

But, because lesser-known sports do have a place in our local communities, K2 Trophies and Awards is determined to make sure that our local communities have access to the best and finest trophies available in the market today. And to do that, we make sure to advocate for the lesser-known sports that we know people are playing. And to outline our success, we have a list of sports that you might not know you can get a trophy for as well as an explanation of the sport, just in case it's your first time.

Bocce: Bocce has evolved out of an Italian tradition into a great backyard game that can be enjoyed by young and old alike. Like most throwing games, it’s one that relies on getting close and being accurate. Initially, a small ball, called a jack, is tossed out into the grass. This ball becomes the target. Two teams then alternate throwing a larger ball towards the small ball. At the end of the throwing, the team with the closest ball can score and gets a point for every ball they put closer to the target ball than the other team’s closest ball. For instance, if a team has the two closest balls to the jack, then they score two points. It's an interesting game where the terrain can change with each round, lending it a bit of randomness and fun. And yes, you can get a trophy at K2 Trophies and Awards for this sport.

Beauty Pageant: I can't think of any event more worthy of a trophy than a beauty pageant. At every level, young women of all ages take on a competitive spirit in a number of categories that have more to do with character and esteem than it does with beauty. The competition is fierce and fiery, full of tense moments, upsets and unbelievable turnarounds. K2 Trophies and Awards carries a number of awards, trophies and even tiaras to crown the winner of your local pageant.

Chess: Often regarded as a nerdy endeavor, but definitely one that requires a great deal of thinking, chess is another lesser-known sport that has had great game players and amazing moments in history. Played on a wooden board broken into the same type of colored squares as checkers, chess uses a set of white and black colored pieces broken into sets of 16. Unlike checkers, each unique piece has a set movement used to overtake and knock out the opponent’s pieces on the board. The objective of the game is to move the pieces until you have captured the king of the opponent. Games can take hours, days and even years to play depending on the players, their level of ability and the time limit allowed. Have a tournament and we'll make you a trophy to be proud of.

Fantasy Football: Are we allowed to count fantasy football as a sport? Well, maybe not. But, it’s obviously a pastime that many folks are participating in and one that takes a bit of insight (and luck). Devoting an entire 'season' of your life to drafts, stats as well as real-life games may not win you big points with the boss (or the spouse), but it should garner you a trophy if you come out on top at the end of it all. And we have just the trophy for you at K2 Trophy and Awards.

So, don't just think about the major sports when you think about trophies, think about all those occasions where you compete with your friends and neighbors and decide if that might just be the occasion for a trophy.