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We Have a Dream 2015: An Awakening of the Plain People

‘We Have a Dream2015’ seeks to bring America’s rational middle into one place, on one day, to kick-start a new political awakening. As left and right-wing extremists participate in our national ruin by villainizing one another, Roger Farinha has a bold passion to give the silent majority a voice and establish the spirit of rational compromise on the grass-roots level through his ‘New American Spring’ associational and organizational movement. Farinha isn’t presently a public figure or celebrity; but a patriotic unknown who has now arrived to represent the common man.


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2014 -- While the United States aspires to a truly democratic political arena, the nation’s true majority are silently suffering as left and right wing fanaticism has reached epidemic levels, and as special interests are swooping in to take advantage of the peoples’ disarray. While this ‘rational (or open-minded) middle’ sat by and witnessed the 2008 financial crisis and other calamities drive the nation into disrepair, a Florida trucker (of an exceptional background including being a first-generation immigrant and broadly liberally educated) is announcing a grassroots uprising that will make the nation great again.

Roger Farinha’s ‘New American Spring’ populist movement is the first to represent the reasonable majority; peaceful Americans who want to live in a better and more harmonious country. Farinha calls this historically silent and passive, rational middle to action – starting with a silent rally in Washington DC on May 2nd 2015.

The ‘We Have a Dream’ rally is poised to bring what remains of the healthy American people politic together to hear Farinha give an empowering soap box speech that will challenge all citizens to embrace our great American plurality and the larger spirit of rational compromise, spawning a new chapter for America. The event will serve as the official kick-off for the New American Spring movement, with young and old invited to meet and greet at the at the Martin Luther King Memorial Park for what is promised to be a landmark day in history, regardless of its numbers. “So timely, so providential, so special is this awakening,” Farinha claims, “that even 100 persons would represent a golden start of something unparalleled among the common people to date.”

“I’ve arrived to represent the common man, and I’ll do it by appealing to the reasonable majority,” says Farinha. “This is the largest group of the populous; Americans who are not pig-headed and overly vocal about their individual political points of views, and as such are seeing their presence overshadowed by the ideological extremists.”

Continuing, “I simply won’t allow these voters to be disrespected any longer and am therefore asking the reasonable majority to join me next May to start a healthy mobilization. While our goals are revolutionary in expecting that our government return to a pure representation of the people, we are not a confrontational group and represent peace with all we do. In fact, we even have a youth arm to forge a healthy heroism in our youth, ensuring that tomorrow’s world is one where politicians respect the common person and don’t try to herd them like cattle; something we’ve become used to in this day and age.”

To explain the origins of his political awakening, Farinha has recently published a compelling new book. ‘The Socratic Trucker: An American Memoir & A Call To Revolution’ takes readers into Farinha’s truck cab as he travels the length and breadth of the country, discovering his fellow Americans and developing his practical approach and philosophy of change.

“The book is a great introduction both to myself and my movement. Within the pages I transition from an unassuming trucker, a common laborer, to a modern-day, populist messenger. I hope readers will draw inspiration from my story and join me in DC next May,” he adds.

For more information, to register interest and find rally-related materials, visit the event website at: http://www.wehaveadream2015.com.

New American Spring official website: http://newamericanspring.org.

‘The Socratic Trucker’ Amazon page: http://amzn.to/1ip2ggu.

Farinha’s Kickstarter book marketing project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/14448729/american-socrates-in-a-truck?ref=nav_search

About Mr. Roger Farinha
Mr. Roger Farinha was born in the formerly (British) Guyana in South America, immigrating with his family to New York City in 1981. Mr. Farinha was subsequently naturalized, and boasts his deepest allegiance to the true ideals of the United States, considering himself, as he writes in his book, “A true American, made thus by fervent ideological identification, rather than mere accident of birth.” After being broadly and liberally educated and after experiencing his fellow Americans on the “streets,” as it were, as a fellow blue-collar, Mr. Farinha developed his populist revolutionary vision of New American Spring as the greatest contribution he feels he can make to his country, his fellow man, and eventually the world.