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"We Have Your Daughter": Bold & Emotive Memoir Navigates Mental Illness & Courts, as Author Fights to Save Family

Written by Jules Czudar after an eight-year battle to find his daughter, kidnapped by his wife suffering the afflictions of mental illness, “We Have Your Daughter” puts parental rights, mental illness itself and the U.S. court system under the spotlight. While shocking in places yet one-hundred percent true, Czudar’s story opens a vital dialogue into one of society’s most ignored epidemics.


Long Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2014 -- While over seventy-five million Americans suffer from varying degrees of mental disorder, the most extreme cases and their effect on families are often brushed under the rug due to fear and stigma. However, a powerful new memoir by Jules Czudar tells his personal struggles as not only a by-association victim of mental illness, but of an eight-year battle to find and regain custody of his kidnapped daughter.

‘”We Have Your Daughter”’ tells the author’s story with brutal honesty and raw description. It’s a journey that’s rarely made public, but a microcosm of the nation’s wider and uncontrollable mental health problem.


Where is my daughter?

Mental illness affects one in four people. It can be destructive to everyone around him or her, but the truly hidden victim is the affected person himself or herself. What if, due to the illness, your wife kidnapped your child, and there was no one to assist you in finding them? What if others knew where they were, but would not help you? What if you had legal rights to see your child, but those rights were ignored? What if your faith in God was severely tested? What if all of these happened at the same time?

In an epic eight-year battle, the author continually sought to find his daughter. He was falsely accused, put in jail, prosecuted, and finally prevailed. But he would not give up! Would he be another victim of social injustice and legal labyrinths, with no end in sight? Could his family name be restored? Would it be enough to gain legal status or slide back into the obscurity of the illness?

This story weaves through the mental illness, the struggle between right and wrong, good and evil, light and darkness, fantasy and reality. Can God lead the lost and compel the seeker onward or will life’s trials continually ensnare the innocent into obscurity and loneliness? Peer into this life’s enigma and rejoice in the resulting answers to prayer.

“Our family’s story really highlights the progressive nature of mental illness, showing just how bad things can become,” says Czudar, a native Hungarian who now resides in California. “The illness often spreads far beyond the sufferer and starts to infect their family, too. My story highlights this perfectly.”

Continuing, “But the book doesn’t just focus on mental health. Parental and especially fathers’ rights are explored within the narrative and their rocky relationship with the court system. Believers will also find solace in my words as, just when I thought I couldn’t sink any lower, I quickly realized that faith would become my ultimate savior.”

Since its release, the book has garnered many positive reviews.

“The stigma of mental disorders can cause people and families to live in shame. ‘We Have Your Daughter’ identifies the progressive nature of schizophrenia for one woman, and its impact on her loved ones. This book raises awareness to such an important topic,” says Dr. Deb Walkemeyer, DMin, LMFT.

Dr. Larry J. Walkemeyer adds, “The pages of this book ring with the laughter of hope, the cries of desperation, the regrets of poor decisions, and the beauty of love. From the romance of new love, to the joy of childbirth, to the darkness of schizophrenia, the pages mark a course of faith. It is a faith not based on deserving God’s intervention, but a faith based upon the mercy of God.”

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About Jules Czudar
Jules was born in Budapest, Hungary. He and his family escaped in 1957, right after the Hungarian Revolution in 1956. He moved to Southern California in 1964. Jules worked in the Mental Health Industry for over 10 years. Afterwards he began his career in Business Development and worked for several major corporations including Novell, Merisel and Office Depot. During the time the story takes place he got involved in acting. He was seen on: The Shield, Unsolved Mysteries, Dirty Soap (Pilot) and Bottom Feeders (Pilot). He also did several commercials including KIA, Sherwin Williams, ESPN and Sprint.