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Weather Route Enables Real Time Weather Forecasts on the Go While You Drive

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Mountain View, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2013 -- Voyage Games LLC is proud to announce the arrival of their most advanced weather application last December 9–Weather Route in Google Play, the applications store powered by Google showcasing the best apps that are either sold or hosted for free. Weather route has been considered as one of the most advanced weather apps due to its many advantages and features as compared to other regular weather and route applications.

What makes Weather Route Different from Other Weather Apps?

Weather Route aims to be a much reliable source regarding delivery of helpful, real-time weather updates and the route details within covered areas.

Weather Route, unlike other weather applications is available and at service throughout your entire road trip or vacation. It gives the user the chance to check the current weather once in a while or even take track of it from time to time. Weather Route will then give specific information about the desired weather conditions in the route being taken at the moment, which will make it easier for the user to have an informed, safe travel completely armed with real-time data to make the trip safer and more convenient.

Live happenings connected to weather disturbances or normalcy in the following States: California, New York, Oregon, Washington. As the developer has just introduced this brilliant app that has connected the missing dots with its unique solutions, more areas will be added in the future. There is no need to update the app just to access upcoming area upgrades.

Detailed advisories like you're present in the area. Examples are the gush or the formation of thick snow by the mountains, or flash flooding in the nearby desert or any natural occurrence or mishap that may interfere with the safe travel of the user.

It can give reports about the current weather forecast in every leg of the journey, or any update from the government office which takes charge of the weather forecasts in the areas of concern that you're currently visiting. This lessens the chances of getting stuck through thick snow storms or trapped in hurricanes.

Integration with Google map. This helps give a clear view of the roads to warn about probable dangers and route verifications.

Time synergy. The app can be easily synchronized with current time settings of your smartphone or advanced to see forecasts ahead of everybody else. It is like becoming your own Al Roker or John Elliott.

Real time video feed. The app can detect any nearby weather camera footages in streets that you'll soon traverse on your way. This helps give a general overview of the situation in your desired destination.

The best news for all would-be users and in turn beneficiaries is that the app is free to download. People can now use its premium-like services without shedding a single buck; courtesy of Voyage Games LLC and partners.

About Voyage Games LLC
Voyage Games LLC is an independent developer of games who now ventured into providing apps with more purpose. They develop mobile apps for two of the most ubiquitous platforms in the industry today – Apple's iOS App Store and Google Play.