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Weathersafe Shades Lower the Incidence Rate of Skin Cancer for All Ages

Melanoma Remains One of the Most Common Cancers Affecting Children in Australia


Adelaide, South Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2013 -- Australia continues to have the world's highest incidence rate of skin cancer with Australians being four times more likely to develop this type of cancer than any other. With the help of shade structures, Australians can enjoy the outdoors while lowering their direct exposure to the sun, Tim Seymour-Smith of Weathersafe Shades states.

Of all skin cancers, melanoma cases remain the least common, but the most deadly, and yet this is one of the most common cancers diagnosed in youth. "Children love to be outside, but their skin is delicate so parents and caregivers must find ways to reduce their sun exposure. Playground shade structures designed and built for this purpose allow children to get fresh air and enjoy childhood which is why many schools and child care centers are looking to shade sails and other coverings," Mr. Seymour-Smith explains.

Another benefit of purchasing a shade structure is it helps to keep equipment cooler so children won't be accidentally burned. Play equipment lasts longer also. "Before choosing or purchasing any type of shade structure, whether it be outdoor umbrellas or shade sails, clients must understand any rules and regulations in place governing structures of this type," Mr. Seymour-Smith goes on to say. "Weathersafe Shades understands the regulations and ensures each client is in compliance at all times."

Schools making use of the shades receive additional benefits when purchasing from Weathersafe Shades. Delivery is guaranteed and each structure comes with a lifetime warranty for steelwork and fabrics. "Representatives will be happy to explain the warranty," Mr. Seymour-Smith states. "In the initial investment price, we also include annual health and safety checks to ensure structures are inspected and maintained at all times. Clients shouldn't have to worry about the structures lasting longer than their indicative life and that is one of the goals of Weathersafe Shades."

When designing and constructing a shade structure, many factors are taken into consideration. Form, function and cost are three and recommendations are made based on the budget and needs of the client. Options include retractable and permanent fixtures, sail or frame designs and shade or waterproof fabrics. "Our goal is to ensure each client receives a product that meets their needs in every way," Mr. Seymour-Smith declares.

About Weathersafe Shades
Weathersafe Shades opened in the 1950s as a manufacturer of canvas goods under the name WA Young. In 1978, Bill Young, the founder, sold the company to David Seymour-Smith, who moved from canvas goods to those made using shade cloth. Over the years, the company has evolved to the design and construction of shade sail structures, umbrellas, awnings and other shade structures. Although Tim Seymour-Smith, son of David Seymour-Smith and current operator of the company, opted to change the name to Weathersafe Shades in 2010, certain things have remained unchanged. The company dedicates itself to being the only and obvious choice when it comes to fabric structures thanks to their impeccable standards. The mission remains to add value to the lives of clients through the use of quality fabric structures and to continually improve, meet and exceed client expectations.