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Kolkata, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2014 -- Android Application development is the process by which mobile application are developed by the android platform. More than 1 million applications have been developed for android with over 25 billion downloads. According to a research held in 2011 over 67% of mobile developers use the Android platform for Mobile application development. As of 2012 Android has become the most popular mobile operating system and a market leader in most countries, having the largest installed base. Thus, Android Application Development is a requirement in order to meet the market demand.

Android Application developers usually develop application in the Java programming language using the Android Software development Kit. Today, every Android device users look for the latest apps, games and other digital content, for which there is an online distribution media store called the Google Play/Play store which is operated by Google. This digital distribution platform allows users to browse and download applications to their own devices either at a cost or free of charge.This digital market-Play store also enables Android Application Development companies to publish their product in the market for users.

Almost everyone in the world today prefers smart phones that they can carry around in their pockets rather than computers. And every smart phone require an operating system as an interface and right now Android operating system is the most popular operating system in the world. It provides flexibility and support for the third party applications, these factors contributes to the rising popularity of the Android Operating system not only to the customers but also among application developers. With this vast popularity Android Application Development is moving fast towards a whole separate field of information Technology. Application development companies are taking more interest in Android Operating system and are coming up with the best and more advance applications, this indicates just how important Android Application Development is in today’s technology.

Android Application development has become a necessity in today’s market due to the rapid growth in its popularity. There are lots of Operating System available these days however, Android Operating system provide an open source which makes it easier to handle and implement. The Software Development Kit (SDK) facilitated by Android allows the software developers to develop and implement applications at a faster speed.

Android is based on Linux platform which gives the users easy accessibility and core functionality of the mobile device. All developers are provided with the information and services without any biasness. And the development tools for the application development are easy to operate all these benefits both the consumers and developers who are using the Android Operating System.

With Android application development in kolkata by Mettle tech Mobile Application development in kolkata has also become very important with the growth of industry. Mettle Tech as leading software development company successfully providing web application development in usa.

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