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Web Design Company Confesses Web Design Doesn't Matter

Long-time design industry expert reveals startling insider tip: Web site "design" not as important as Web design companies would have you believe. News report explains.


Raleigh, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/08/2012 -- "Looks aren't everything," says Harmony Major, founder of new small business Web design company Excellent Presence. "Before I learned design in 1998, I learned that 'design' is of limited importance. If all your website is is 'attractive,' you're missing the point. It should look great AND get results. That's where many Web design companies miss the mark."

Some of Us Get So Hung Up on Looks, We Ignore Outcomes.

Consider the buzz surrounding 2012 Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas.

"This brilliant 16-year-old athlete is the first U.S. female – and first black person – ever to win gold in her categories. Yet, the Post, the Times, and other major news sources are reporting on comments about failings with her hairstyle, of all things!" says Major.

"Gabby achieved the ultimate result; yet, people are getting hung up on her ponytail. They've completely missed what's important."

Could you be so blatantly missing a similar point -- with your website?

Looking the Part Is Vital... but Effective Business Web Design Is About Even More.

Unless your "wonderful design" translates to sales, subscribers, followers, prospects, or customers for your business, it's not really "wonderful" at all. With more than a decade of experience creating results-based small business web sites, Excellent Presence Web Design & Marketing is one business Web design company that truly "gets it."

They aim to cover everything small businesses need to start off strong online -- right out of the gate. From including keyword research, to competitive analysis, to social media, and finishing with the all-important marketing of your new site, Excellent Presence truly understands that creating successful business websites is about more than just "good looks."

"Who cares if your website is beautiful if it's not designed to get you results? Your site has a job to do," Ms. Major says. "Your Web design company must understand that."

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