Web Development Agency Rebrands to Reflect Full List of Available Services


South Jordan, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2014 -- Tyson Downs is expanding his already successful business and rebranding it at the same time. What was once called SEOBulldog has become Titan Web Agency. Speaking from his offices in South Jordan, a suburb of Salt Lake City, Mr. Downs said the move was spurred by success growth of his SEO firm and customer requests for more help.

“We had many clients come for SEO work and were very happy with that. But they could not tell that we offered a much greater range of services than just SEO, because of the website name,” he said. “Our clients say they have such a good experience and good results with us that we needed to rebrand to tell people the full scope of what we do.”

Mr. Downs said he spent some time studying what was necessary to rebrand the company while maintaining what worked so far.

“The main area was the emphasizing other forms of marketing we offer,” he said. “The perception was that we were an SEO company only. After all, we were called ‘SEOBulldog’. We have been coupling our web design and graphics work with the SEO work from the beginning. The issue was communicating this to potential clients through the web site name. Rebranding is going to make a big difference.”

Now, listed as a full-service Internet marketing agency from the very beginning, Mr. Downs said he believes more people will understand what his agency does.

“All a business really needs is a desire to grow with a product or service to sell. We take care of it from there,” he said. “Another thing to consider is, people who know how to run a business and are great with customer services may not know who to create a successful ad campaign.”

His client list includes doctors, attorneys and CPAs. He counts most as repeat customers, meaning they keep Mr. Downs’ agency for website updates and regular maintenance as well as current marketing campaigns. He said that’s what Titan Web Agency does.

He explained: The business owner needs to take care of running the business, which means dealing with customers, managing then inventory and fulling orders. Keeping up with the demands of a successful marketing campaign take time away from the core business.

“That’s where we come in. You have a business. Run it. Let us take care of your web presence and your online marketing efforts,” he said. “We can take your business and create a marketing campaign for you that will generate leads and inquiries which you turn into sales.”

Internet marketing and promotion work is not just for companies with an online-only presence, Mr. Downs said.

“While a lot of the Internet is based on ordering and shipping, there are plenty of businesses which use the web to bring people in. Restaurants, night clubs, hair salons and even brick and mortar retail stores need customers to come in and spend money,” he said. “Your webpage is your invitation to them to come and spend money with you. People increasingly look to the Internet for local places to spend money. Invite them in and keep them coming back with a solid online marketing plan.”

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