Web Seal Provider Grows through Superior Seal infrastructure and Education That Increases Retailer Sales


Torrance, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2011 -- BuyerShield, web seal solutions company, reported record-growth in the second quarter of 2011. The company continues to expand its client’s knowledge and business revenue with pertinent tips on ways to increase sales online. BuyerShield specializes in increasing sales for online businesses through cost-effective sales-boosting Website seals that come with a free 14-day trial. The company is an acknowledged leader in high sales conversion rates among the field of providers.

As more consumers make online purchases, online merchants face increased trust scrutiny on the part of buyers seeking the security and reliability common to brick and mortar sales outlets. Web seals are a common way for online retailers to verify authenticity of products, business practices and safety of sensitive buyer information, which can dramatically increase sales.

Unfortunately, not all Web seal solutions are created equal at assisting the conversion of website window shopper to buyer. “We work hard to maintain our status as one of the highest converting Website seals available by providing the best verification support and helping clients in any way possible to boost sales,” said BuyerShield Partner Glen Parken. “In addition to our verified seals and provided client advice from our experienced e-commerce business experts and Web security personnel, we also provide a practical online educational page as a way to further assist clients in increasing online sales.”

Their sales tips include practical advice on using SEO to drive traffic and streamlining Websites among many others. “The tips help online retailers think like a consumer so that they can create a site that closes more sales,” said Parken.

The company offers several different site seals for a variety of retailer circumstances. The most popular is the Security Verified Seal for online businesses that require users to submit information to perform a task or access a service. Resident security experts manually search for vulnerabilities on Websites with this seal to ensure safety of information for users.

With the PCI Security Verified seal, company experts conduct a PCI scan for thousands of vulnerabilities and provide a quarterly PCI Compliance report for submittal to the merchant’s bank account to prove PCI certification. The PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standards (DSS) compliance is required for all e-commerce merchants.

A Products Verified seal is offered for Websites that offer digital products. The products are inspected and verified online by BuyerShield staff to ensure that each product is available and as listed. All of the seals from the solution provider give peace of mind protection to the consumer, which can increase sales conversions for the retailer as much as 40 percent in many cases. For more information on BuyerShield, please visit