Webhost.pro Now Offers WHMCS for Free with Their Re-Seller Plan

Long Running Quality Services Team Up


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2014 -- Hosting resellers across the board now have higher sales, back-end support and heightened customer-seller dynamics, thanks to the teaming up of webhost.pro and WHMCS.

For those who came in late, webhost.pro is one of the fastest grass roots web hosting companies. It has been in business since 2001 and has steadily grown to manage thousands of customers and millions of domains.

WHMCS is a leading provider of complete automation solutions for web hosts. They handle hosting and domain management, recurring billing and integrated support.

Webhost.pro now offers WHMCS for free with their re-seller plan. This tie-up offer, in a sense is a true game changer in the webhosting industry, especially in the reseller’s world, where technical support and a continuing relationship are key aspects of sales.

Webhosting is a speed and numbers game. Essentially it involves providing storage space and access for websites. But the nitty-gritties of this process are accompanied by numerous technical challenges, each of which need to be meticulously dealt with, monitored and handled.

When it comes to reseller hosting, the process takes on a different dimension as there are more reputations at stake and an entire e-commerce hierarchy that is dependent on seamless support. Same is the case with dedicated hosting where a single lapse may result in the loss of thousands of accounts simultaneously.

While webhost.pro has handled all of these challenges and then some, the tie-up with WHMCS is a huge step in the direction of a literally fail safe back-end support system. WHMC offers everything from hands free automation, domain management and multi-currency billing, where exchange rates are synced, tax rules are dealt with up to 2 levels and a truly multi-lingual client area is assured. These come with a fully integrated set of support tools. What is interesting to note is that despite the ability to handle vast number of clients and a large domain traffic, WHMCS offers a fully customizable experience that makes extending and integrating a walk in the park.

Through this team up, the reseller and ultimately the user / customer is assured of a high speed, bespoke webhosting experience that will stand global tests of quality, deliver the promised results within the time frame assured and raise the bar across the board.

About Webhost.pro
Webhost.pro is the fastest grass roots webhosting company. WHMCS is a leading webhosting account manager system. Webhost.pro now offers WHMCS as part of its resell plan for free.

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