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Redlands, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2014 -- There’s a way to get on top of Google’s search engine results pages and increase online business traffic a hundred fold. WebPageRanker presents an effective way to dominate Google and gain instant traffic to one's business website. This is something that many online business owners have been trying to figure out for years. Studies show that many online businesses fail within years of starting up because they fail to get the amount of traffic they need to make revenues. With an effective white hat long tail keyword marketing technique in a system called WebPageRanker, this should be a thing of the past. Online businesses need not have to struggle with getting high quality leads streaming into their websites and generating business.

Online Traffic and Google

It is an accepted fact that Google is the place to be if online businesses want to be found by their prospects and target customers. The key is visibility. The only way to achieve this is to land on top of the search engine results pages. Industry statistics indicate that 90% of search clicks actually come from organic searches. That’s a huge chunk of the market that online businesses are losing out on when they fail in optimizing their web pages for Google searches. With nearly 80% of customers searching through Google for products and services they are interested in, it is only logical for online businesses to take steps to dominate Google. This is the only way to guarantee online traffic and business sustainability.

WebPageRanker introduces a geo targeted and long tail keyword marketing system for online businesses who want to take the best route towards success. This technique gives businesses a stampede of online traffic without having to spend a whole lot on Adwords or paid keywords. Online websites can have their web pages expanded by the thousands and be optimized with relevant keywords that can instantly send a stream of online traffic to the website. This is all possible with the WebPageRanker system.

What Long Tail Keyword Marketing and Geo Targeting Can Do for Online Businesses

A Google-friendly Technique. What many online businesses do not realize is that some of the traffic generating techniques out there could actually get them penalized and consequently ignored by Google. WebPageRanker’s system is a perfectly acceptable white hat technique that can result in high Google rankings. This service brings unparalleled results within a short period of time.

Thousands of Keywords for Maximum Optimization. There are plenty of tools online that promise to help online businesses find out what keywords their prospects are searching for. These tools could be expensive and ineffective, yielding only a handful of keywords that business owners have to pay for. WebPageRanker generates thousands of keywords to help online businesses rank high in Google. Millions of unique pages with keyword configurations relevant to the business’ target market are created. This results in more efficient indexing and ranking by Google.

A Better Way of Spending Marketing Dollars. These days, money does not come easy. Businesses should not have to throw away good money for initiatives that do not give much value to their bottom line. Instead of having to pay for keywords and paid traffic, WebPageRanker allows online businesses to get tons of traffic without having to spend more of their precious marketing dollars. This system frees up a chunk of the marketing budget for initiatives that bring in more customers and consequently more profits. That’s more money on their pockets from both savings and increased revenues.

What Online Businesses Can Expect from Long Tail Keyword Marketing

Land on the Front Page, Most of the Time. In as far as online presence is concerned, there is no better place to be than on top of Google’s search results pages. Since this system uses techniques that are above board and compliant with Google’s rules and regulations, the probability of landing on top of the search pages is high.

A Steady Stampede of Online Traffic. Within hours of uploading, pages are sent to Google for indexing. In a matter of a few months, business owners can expect to see a spike in their online traffic. This ensures that the online business is never without a multitude of audience to sell to and generate revenues from.

Steeply Increasing Sales and Profit Levels. It’s a basic business tenet that the more prospects there are, the higher the probability of sales. With a good product or service, the steep increase in online traffic can result in a proportionate increase in sales and revenues as well.

It’s Time to Be Found

The online marketing is extremely competitive. Anyone who wants to do business online whether selling a product or providing a service would have to turn to more aggressive measures to get found by his target market. The WebPageRanker has been successful in helping their clients get found through Google for four years now. This is the only way to get ahead of competition.

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