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Website Announces Service to Track Accounts Using a Phone Number


Bataan, Philippines -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2013 -- Phoneinfolookup.net, a newly started online based tracker, is offering their services to track down accounts which use a single phone number. Their service is entirely free and will not compromise the privacy of both the searcher and the phone number owner.

This website uses a process known as reverse phone lookup to track down accounts. In this method, searchers need only to input the phone numbers on the search box to look for accounts which use the number. The search results will display a username which the searchers can cross reference with fake accounts on popular sites. This website also uses reverse cell phone lookup to track down users based on their cell phone numbers. The process is completely the same and will yield the same results.

This website is great for tracking down fake and bogus accounts since some websites require a contact number to be inputted before an account can be created. Identities are not compromised though since the search results only display a username and the contact number. This website can also be used to trace prank callers and thus prevent them from calling one’s own number again. This is especially useful for businessmen who have a dedicated phone number for business transactions. Not only will this website help in reducing the rate of prank callers, it will also help individuals report numbers which are possibly connected to criminals.

About Phoneinfolookup.net
Phoneinfolookup.net is a website that began their services in 2012. This website is able to track phone numbers located only within the United States. Their website is partnered with Google Adsense and DART Cookie for more in depth search results. The compromise however is that advertisements and other third party ads are able to load cookies to their visitors. The website is not responsible in any way to these cookies and with any adverse effects they may have on their visitors.