Website Brings Indian Tales Back to the Forefront

The best collection of Indian folk tales, stories and comics!


Delhi, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2014 -- Keeping the immense love for the popular monthly magazine Champak going and the fan following of folk tales, the growing website,, is now offering some of the best stories, comics and lots more collected from the amazing popular magazine. The website was launched with much fanfare and aims to cater the kids and adults alike.

“Since 1968, Champak has been loved by one and all. While some of us are subscribed to Champak, others are not, and more than often, we don’t get the chance to grab a copy. That’s where our website fits in. We bring in the best of Champak and related best and short stories that never lose their edge, despite all the digitalization process. Although the magazine is published twice a month, we wanted more readers to have easy connection with the features and stories, and our website will offer just that,” said the managing director of the website in a statement.

However, doesn’t restrict itself to just stories that are published on Champak. Instead, it brings in stories from Panchatantra, folk books and old stories. As such, there are different sections on the website, such as southern royal adviser Tenali Raman, stories from grandmother’s collections, moral stories, folk tales, Vikram-betal, Akbar-Biral to name a new. The website aims to make sure that children who are accessing internet along with adults don’t lose the Indian touch in their lives.

“Most of the stories and features on our website are from the cultural and historical times of India, and we want to ensure that people have connection with the same with internet. We expect our readers to enjoy the stories of Tenali Raman, as much as they will enjoy Princess Dairies. Indian folk tales and stories have a lot of essence that often goes untapped, mainly because both parents and kids don’t have access to them. At our website, we create a world of stories, where parents can read out stories and children can learn and get inspired in their free time,” said the managing director of the website.

For now, aims to offer a massive collection of Indian tales and stories online with focus on all ages. The website owners have mentioned their intentions to invest more in the website and its promotions, so that more people can know and have access to the stories and tales they have missed over the years. The managing side of the website is looking ahead to include new posts every day, and therefore, the readers will always have something to enjoy.

This is a website dedicated to Indian stories, comics and folk tales and has multiple sections such as grandmother’s collections, moral stories, folk tales, Vikram-betal, Akbar-Biral among others. The website offers regular stories and is among the unique choices for most readers who are looking for traditional moral stories, fun comics and more.