Website Closers, an Online Business Broker Company, Announces Free Seller Consultation Services

Website Closers has the necessary skills to buy or sell any digital property, including websites, software applications, Amazon companies, and more.


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2014 -- Website Closers, an online business broker company, announces free seller consultation services. The company’s founders have made it easier than ever for entrepreneurs to learn what the brokerage can do for them. By calling or sending an email to the firm’s corporate headquarters, an expert in website valuation and digital exit strategies will be available to help. A live operator is standing by to take your call to connect you with its professionals. Through the use of proprietary sales strategies and an in-depth experience of owning and operating website properties, Website Closers has the necessary skills to buy or sell any digital property, including websites, software applications, Amazon companies, and more.

The company has over two decades of experience buying and selling businesses, especially website properties; thus, they are business people who can analyze profit and loss statements, balance sheets and analyze cash flow. With an aim to formulate the best possible strategies for businesses, their highly experienced team of professionals have the perfect financial background to help with business valuation as well as to help discuss the deal with lenders and equity groups.

Whether someone needs to know how to sell a website or where to sell an internet business, Website Closers has the hands-on experience that justifies their diversity. In discussing the financing of a deal, Jason Guerrettaz, Executive Director of Website Closers, mentioned that “As a seller of an online business, we highly encourage you to ask tough questions when interviewing brokers to sell your business. Time is valuable, and wasting your time on a broker that lacks the experience, network and drive to close your deal will only leave you soured by the experience and unwilling to accept help from brokerages in the future. And when it comes to financing a business deal, it is not as hard as many think; it just takes the right experience to see it through to fruition. Very few brokers can offer the experience of running multiple web properties, managing an inbound marketing plan and selling your deal to a lender – but we can and we do it every day. To obtain the very best multiple for your business, just give us a call. It’s free and we will shoot you straight.”

About is dedicated to representing buyers and sellers of online businesses. If one wants to learn how to buy and sell websites, the best strategy is to talk to them first. The dialog is free, plus the brokers are Website Closers are so confident in their abilities to represent you better than all the rest, they ask that you talk to at least 2-3 additional brokers to compare us with them. Why would we push clients to talk to our competitors? Because we know they’ll be back after they do. The brokerage has experience running, buying and selling a number of different kinds of businesses, including e-commerce websites, software companies, Amazon businesses, and eBay businesses, businesses that sell on, and many others. In fact, they are unmatched when it comes to helping clients with their questions on how to sell an Ecommerce Site. They have even helped sell businesses that operate within the Internet space, but are not traditional online businesses, like Daily Deals sites, Flash Sales sites, Advertising Companies and many more.

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