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Website Design and Internet Marketing Company, Red Cherry Web Development Company, Debunks Common SEO Myths

Red Cherry Digital Solutions has recently debunked several common myths on the company's SEO blog.


Calgary, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/10/2014 -- Red Cherry Digital Marketing and Web Development Company in Calgary Canada based SEO and digital marketing firm, recently discussed the debunking of several SEO myths that are commonly heard in the SEO community. Readers can visit the original full blog entry here – SEO Myths Debunked.

Since most of the discussion in 2013 has been about Google penalties and the Panda and Penguin algorithms, many of the myths that were discussed here were regarding these same topics. The majority of the information presented in the blog was originally provided by employees of Google.

Here are is a summary of the lessons that readers can take away from this blog:

Reconsideration requests are for manual penalties, not algorithm changes/site downgrades.

You don’t need a robots.txt file in order for your website to be crawled or indexed.

Adding websites to a disavow list does not hurt the reputation of the website that has been added.

It doesn’t matter whether you use bold tags or strong tags.

There is no “duplicate content penalty”.

Disavowing the bad links to a website is not enough to get a manual penalty removed.

Foreign top level domains (.com, .ca, .org etc) are usually treated differently by Google.

You are allowed to ask people to link to your website (it’s not against Google’s webmaster guidelines).

Not all websites go through a “sandbox” period.

Manual Google penalties DO expire.

Meta descriptions and meta keywords are no longer used as rankings factors.

The update ensures that 'white hat' Search Engine Optimization will be awarded for their hard work while webspammers will be punished accordingly. If a website has been affected by this recent update and the webmaster is looking for a solution, consult White Hat SEO company in Calgary Canada – Red Cherry Digital Solutions to take this update for benefit.

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