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Website Features Dozens of Recipes Just in Time for Diwali


Tamil Nadu, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/13/2011 -- Diwali is a major national festival celebrated in India. Also known as Deepavali or the Festival of Lights, Diwali is probably the most popular of all Hindu festivals.

In addition to following traditions like wearing new clothes, lighting lamps and visiting with friends and family, Diwali also involves enjoying traditional food and sweets.

A website has received a lot of attention lately for its outstanding selection of popular Diwali recipes all in an easy to use format.

The website, Awesomecuisine.com, is devoted to Indian recipes of all kinds and features dozens of delicious and popular recipes for Diwali, including Rice Halwa, Okkarai, Rava Coconut Burfi and many others.

“In this Diwali festival season Awesome Cuisine is the place where you can find recipes for all Diwali sweets and Diwali food dishes presented in an easy to understand and simple format,” said company spokesperson Praveen Kumar.

The most famous legend behind the celebrations of Diwali is about the prince of Ayodhya Nagri—Lord Shri Ram. The king of Lanka, Ravana, kidnapped Ram's wife Sita from the jungle, where they were staying as per the instructions of King Dashratha, father of Lord Ram. In order to freed Sita from Ravana's custody, Ram attacked him. This was followed by a war, in which, Ram defeated Ravan and released Sita from his custody. On the arrival of Lord Ram along with his wife Sita, people of Ayodhya decorated their homes as well as the city of Ayodhyaa by lighting tiny diyas all over, in order to welcome their beloved prince Shri Ram and Devi Sita.

As many who have tried to prepare traditional Indian food for Diwali have found out though some of the dishes are not hard to prepare they can be somewhat time consuming. Awesome Cuisine strives to make each recipe as easy as possible to make, listing every ingredient and its amount clearly and including simple and basic directions on how to prepare each dish.

Sweets and snacks both tend to be an extremely popular part of Diwali traditions. In general, many of the sweet dishes found in Indian cuisine are made with ingredients including coconut, raisins, nuts, sugar, and certain spices. For example, Gulab Jamun is a popular deep fried dough ball desert flavored with cardamom and saffron and covered in sugar syrup. The recipe for this tasty treat is featured on the website.

When Diwali has ended, Awesome Cuisine is a fantastic resource for all types of South Indian recipes, and also includes a blog filled with helpful and educational articles.

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Started in 2007, AwesomeCuisine.com is a website devoted to delicious and authentic Indian recipes which are quick and easy to make. The website features recipes for all types of everyday dishes as well as traditional foods served during Indian holidays. Visitors to the website are welcome to send comments, recipes, suggestions, or feedback of any kind. For more information on AwesomeCuisine.com, please visit http://www.awesomecuisine.com