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Website Guides Recent Graduates on What it Takes to Become a Teacher in the State of Texas


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2011 -- Most people who get into the field of teaching do so for two key reasons: they genuinely love working with children, and they want to make a difference in their lives every day by helping further their education.

Many graduates believe that once they have finished learning how to become a teacher at a college, university or other accredited program, that it will be relatively easy to be hired at a school. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Typically, states have different guidelines, credentials, and other teacher certification steps that must be completed first before a new teacher is hired. But knowing what needs to be done can be confusing.

Online Teacher Certification Programs has recently received a lot of attention for its ability to help aspiring teachers start their new careers by explaining—clearly and concisely—what must be done in order to be hired in the state of Texas.

The website offers a plethora of articles, advice, assurance and resources for its visitors, all free of charge.

“Many graduates are finding it difficult to find a job as a teacher even though they’ve spent years training to become a teacher,” said company spokesperson Tom Harman, adding that for the time being, he is concentrating on offering information on Texas teacher certification rules and regulations.

“Currently we are focusing on the state of Texas, however moving forward we will be looking at other states with a long term vision of creating a site that covers courses not just in the U.S. but internationally. We will also be looking at creating a forum and some sort of teaching community that helps others get qualified.”

Using the website is easy. On the main page there is a list of common teacher certification questions ranging from “What qualifications do I need to become a teacher?” to “What is a State Approved Teacher Education Program?”

“Generally speaking, you must have at least a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited higher learning institution to become a teacher in the state of Texas,” it stated on the website. “However, in certain specialty fields such as technology and career courses, it is possible to become a teacher without having a degree.”

The website also covers topics like which qualifications from other states are accepted, a look at the average pay teachers typically receive, and information on holidays and vacation time.

For more information on Online Teacher Certification Programs, visit http://onlineteachercertificationprograms.info/texas-teacher-certification