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Website Helps Customers Find Best Prices on Personal and Business Checks


Queensland, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2011 -- When opening a new checking account, banking customers will typically be supplied with a small amount of complimentary temporary checks. But once these few checks have been used up, it’s up to the customer to order and pay for more.

While there are many companies that claim to have the best prices on personal or business checks, it can be time consuming to go through each company’s catalogue or website to compare prices and figure out who is offering the best deal.

A website that was launched recently is helping to take all of the guesswork out of buying checks. Cheap Checks is already receiving a lot of attention for its helpful information on multiple online check printing companies, offering visitors to the site quick and handy charts that break down in easy-to-read categories which companies are currently offering the best prices on business and personal checks.

As the website explained, ordering checks online can be a more cost effective option rather than dealing directly with the bank. Because online companies typically offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, customers can rest assured they will get exactly what they need.

“The profits the bank makes on the checks are taken out of the purchase and so the checks can be offered at a much lower price,” the website explained, adding that savings of up to 50 percent are often the norm.

“A more flexible check provider can also often give you the styles and options you want, rather than those the bank wants to provide you with. So you can get personal checks themed on animals or your special charity or cause.”

Using the Cheap Checks website is easy and user-friendly. Simply log onto the home page, and compare the different choices for personal and business checks. Underneath the charts is loads of educational information on just about anything related to checks, including what type of information is needed to order them online, why using secure online ordering is important, and a glossary of the many different types and styles of checks.

The website also includes helpful information on how to write a check properly, how to balance a checkbook, and a personal finance blog that includes a variety of useful articles on subjects like how to boost a credit score, which bank account features are actually useful to have, and if Travelers Cheques are destined to become a thing of the past.

For more information on Cheap Checks, please visit http://www.cheapchecks.org