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Website Helps People Save Money, and Eat Better by Growing Fresh Vegetables at Home


West Palm Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/04/2011 -- From the ever-increasing prices on fresh vegetables to the frightening news stories about people who were sickened after eating commercially-grown produce, more and more people are becoming interested in growing their own vegetables.

But while in decades past gardens were a common sight in many backyards, these days fewer people have the confidence, space, time and knowledge to grow their own food in the ground outside their home.

A website has gotten a lot of attention lately for its high quality products and reasonable prices and speedy shipping service that can help make growing vegetables at home easier and more economical than ever before.

Fullbloom Hydroponics sells a wide variety of grow boxes, grow lamps, and much more that can help even the least experienced gardener develop a green thumb, and grow some tasty vegetables too.

“Want to grow some fresh vegetables at home?” the website asked on its home page? “Grow boxes are perfectly suited to grow some veggies at home.”

As the website explained, a grow box is an ideal way for a beginning gardener to a more experienced one to grow veggies from the comfort of their home. Since grow boxes use as little power as a regular household appliance it means that owning one will not cause the electric bill to go up significantly.

And, because the grow boxes are fully automated, vegetable fans can grown their own food at perfect conditions all throughout the day and night. Specifically, they are designed to grow plants up to five times faster and produce quality vegetables.

For customers who have never used a grow box before, an instructional DVD that comes with the product will explain how to properly use it. An instruction manual will also help teach people how to grow bigger and better plants.

For example, the SuperLocker 2.0 is a full 24 inches deep and over 5 feet tall, and comes with a 3-year warranty. It comes fully assembled and is quiet, air and light tight, and is safe and beautiful to look at.

To help the growing plants receive the nutrients and minerals that they need to thrive, hydroponics systems are featured in nearly all of the professionally manufactured grow boxes. These systems can help the plants produce much higher yields of fresh, delicious vegetables.

For more information on Fullbloom Hydroponics, please visit http://www.fullbloomhydroponics.com/Grow-Boxes