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Website Helps Unmask Unscrupulous Contractors Through Launch of Education Campaign

Education is homeowners' strongest line of defense against fraud and inferior workmanship publishes


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2014 -- Statistics from the home improvement industry expose roofing repairs as the third most costly expense homeowners face. This sector of the market has also been revealed as the third most likely area for fraud, topped by plumbing and concrete repair work. Having seen first hand the expense and aftermath of unscrupulous contractors, Tim Swanson of Roofing Portland Experts has launched a campaign to educate area homeowners on avoiding such costly mistakes.

Swanson explained, "A home is a major investment, and the contractors homeowners choose for their repair work play a key role in the integrity and longevity of their property. Putting a little time and effort into finding a trustworthy Roofing Expert in Portland can save money and heartache, and we want to offer advice on the correct way to do so."

The first step in the process of finding a reliable contractor, according to Swanson, is consulting with relatives, friends, neighbors and other trusted acquaintances regarding their experience with area roofers. The homeowner should ask if the contractor in question finished previous jobs in a timely and professional manner. The quality of materials used is a factor, as well. Whether or not the contractor hauled away old materials should also be considered.

In addition to reliable roof maintenance and cleaning services, this will also provide insight into whom not to turn to for repair projects. The Better Business Bureau and popular consumer review websites can be valuable resources for finding contractors who have built a positive reputation in their field, as well. Those who come highly recommended should be noted on a list of possible contractors to hire.

Once a short list has been compiled, each contractor should be invited to the home to inspect the roofing system and provide an estimate based on the work needed. A simple, one figure quote will not suffice; on the contrary, an itemized explanation of the cost should be given, including details regarding the dimensions of the home and area to be repaired, the price of materials and labor and other important aspects. The contractor should be ready and willing to explain each element of the estimate.

Swanson also emphasized the importance of professional license and insurance coverage in the selection process, noting homeowners should never hesitate to verify these aspects. Each state has an agency devoted to professional licensing, and these agencies stand ready to validate the certification of contractors. Insurance information may be obtained through the contractor's provider, including when the policy went into effect and expires, as well as the extent of coverage.

"Taking these measures prior to hiring a contractor will help homeowners ensure find a certified roofer in Portland who will provide the most effective and cost efficient services available," concluded Swanson, "Keep in mind, the decision should not be based solely on the lowest quote, nor does the most expensive estimate necessarily mean the best service. Anyone in need of roofing installation or repairs may feel free to call us for a free quote or contact us via our website."

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