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Website Makes Shipping a Car Easy and Stress-Free


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/07/2011 -- Shipping a car from one place to another is typically very stressful. People who need to arrange the service typically spend a great deal of time tracking down quotes from multiple car shipping companies before deciding which firm will be hired to take their vehicle and get it to where it needs to go.

A website is receiving a lot of attention lately for its ability to take the stress out of auto shipping by giving its customers not two, not five, but an amazing 10 free quotes from 10 different auto shippers.

M2Reeves Car Shipping understands that finding a good auto shipping company can be a real hassle, so they have made the process as easy as possible. Got to send a pickup truck or motorcycle to Hawaii? No problem. Need a boat or minivan to be sent to Maine? M2Reeves Car Shipping can handle it.

Using the website is easy and convenient: on the main page, customers can fill out their information, including the pickup city, the delivery city, and the make and model of the car that they need to have shipped. Or, if they prefer, they can call the toll-free number listed on the site and speak with one of the company’s friendly customer service representatives.

An about an hour, customers will receive their 10 free auto shipping quotes.

“Unless you ask otherwise, all your auto shipping quotes from those different auto shippers will be for door-to-door, open car shipping,” it explained on the website.

“An auto shipping quote for door-to-door shipping is not the cheapest auto shipping quote you will find from different auto transporting companies, but it is the most common car shipping service, so it is the easiest for the auto shippers to book. You can obtain auto shipping quotes for enclosed car shipping as well.”

The website also features a handy question and answer section on the main page that can help alleviate some of the common fears and concerns many people have about the process.

For example, the website explained that no matter how large a vehicle is, it can still be shipped to where a customer needs it to go. It also detailed how to prepare a car for its journey to its new home including an interesting tidbit about not washing a vehicle before it is picked up.

“Having a dirty vehicle makes sure that the paint won’t chip and since it’s already dirty, it can’t get dirtier,” the website noted.

For more information on M2Reeves Car Shipping, visit http://www.m2reevescarshipping.com