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Website Offering Comparison and Information of Different Decennial Guarantee Policies Newly Launched


Roubaix, France -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2017 -- In what could be a helpful tool for both businesses and merchants living in France, a new website called has recently been unveiled with an aim to offer quick and easy comparisons of decennial guarantee policies from different merchants. It may be cited that the website contains an online self-assessment system wherein visitors need to fill in the required fields and easily find out the top ten-year guarantee options available as well as their features.

Commenting on the launch of the site, a representative maintained, "The website is for all businesses, companies, as well as contractors and merchants to make it easier for comparison of the policies of some of the top insurance agencies. We want to offer our sincere help by making the whole process simpler and less complex."

The representative also added, "The decennial guarantee is required by many people these days. It involves the builders and technicians to undertake the building projects so that no such instances of failure are being encountered within the ten years of the initiation of work."

He also reiterated on the fact that the website plans to help visitors save money which would have been lost because of dealing with a casual building company. Later, he disclosed that they have published necessary contact details for any kind of queries related to the website and any contents posted on the site.

According to a source, in a country like France decennial liability insurance coverage is mandatory, though in exceptional cases, for individuals as well as businesses subject to decennial liability on the presumption which has been established by Article 1792 of the Civil Code. The need to be insured against decennial liability has encouraged the foundation of so many private insurance companies and firms which has made the task quite arduous to choose the right one.

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About Garantie Decennale Devis
It is a new French website that has been created in order to provide necessary information related to decennial guarantee policies and coverage plans. The website not only informs but also provides guidance and help in respect to finding the appropriate insurance company that can fulfill the specific needs of any business or individuals.

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