Website Offers Comparison of Satellite TV Providers to Help Consumers Choose


Sacramento, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/08/2012 -- is today announcing to the public the existence of their mega user-friendly resource guide for DISH TV vs DIRECT TV, by offering several side-by-side chart comparisons of the various packages and prices each company offers.

Bobby Pickerel, media contact, was asked recently why the company built the website. "We realized early on by speaking with friends and family that many people do not know much about satellite TV or they thought they have no option but to choose cable TV. I've been there myself, but once I saw how superior the picture appeared on satellite TV compared to cable TV I was hooked! The problem most people run into is figuring out the differences of the two major providers of satellite TV, DISH Network vs DIRECTV. The site is specifically set up to show the two in side-by-side comparisons to help visitors decide which company best fits their needs".

Asked what kind of information is available to visitors on the site, Pickerel said, "The website is completely unbiased so that we are only giving the facts concerning Dish Network and Direct TV. We believe if people have the facts they can make up their own minds which company will work best for their situation. We have the cool charts set up that gives visitors information concerning channel lineups, packages, prices, music lineup, and premium channels to name a few of both companies. The idea is, show potential customers the highlights so they can make an informed decision".

Not only does the website breakdown in detail the two satellite TV providers offerings, but it goes a step further by allowing people to order their choice directly on the website. "In the early days of the website we only set it up as informational for visitors, but we began getting inundated with requests for ordering, so we made this implementation and it has been very successful", said Pickerel.

Asked about what the future of the site holds, Pickerel said, "We're getting a lot of traffic to the site right now with those that want to educate themselves on the packages available are using the resources we've provided. The future is looking bright as we have further plans to make the site even more user friendly by offering more of the comparison charts, which we have found our visitors truly enjoy. For us, this is proof that many people still 'fear' satellite TV simply for lack of knowledge, but we believe we are offering valuable resources for anyone that subscribes to paid television".

The company's owners began out of sheer frustration that they were 'locked' into cable TV. When they discovered something they knew was superior, satellite TV - they set out to learn all they could about it. The company believes passionately that satellite TV offers more of what viewers want and less of channels that are rarely watched. Satellite TV can be very intimidating as well as annoying trying to choose the right package, but it was through this that the idea of was born. The idea from the start was to create an easy to use website that offered comparisons of the different packages between Direct TV and Dish Network.