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Website Offers Comprehensive List of RN to BSN Programs for Aspiring Nurses


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2011 -- With the economy continuing to struggle, many people are in the market for a new career. Whether they have been laid off, or had their hours or wages cut, the idea of starting out fresh in a new occupation can be very appealing.

However, despite news reports about downsizing and grim unemployment rates, the field of nursing is holding its own. With its combination of fulfilling work and in-demand status, many people are considering going to school to become a nurse.

But what type of nursing degree is needed? Is a RN program the way to go, or is a more advanced degree the better option? Can any of the classes be completed online?

A website is getting a lot of attention lately for its in-depth and helpful list of resources for people who are interested in getting a degree in nursing, or for those who already work as a nurse and would like to further their education.

From lists of nursing schools, majors, and types of degrees, to information on accreditation and more, RN to BSN Guides is dedicated to providing a wealth of information in an easy-to-use format.

When people consider what type of degree is needed to work as a nurse, many think of the two-year RN degree. But the BSN or Bachelor of Science in nursing can open up even more doors for nurses. As the website explained, it is possible to combine the two together in RN to BSN programs.

“A person seeking a four year degree in nursing can bypass the RN program and study for the BSN,” it said on the website, adding that the RN-BSN combination is an attractive option for a lot of people. It is a two year program of general education courses with two more years of nursing education. Once the four year program has been completed the student receives a bachelor’s degree.

The website also includes a wide variety of helpful articles, including how online classes can help make the dream of being a nurse become a reality, information on what types of jobs a person with an RN-BSN may qualify for, what the expected salary may be, and much more. A blog features helpful articles about topics like the ethics of nursing, as well as a detailed look at the educational differences between an RN and a BSN.

For more information about RN to BSN Guides, please visit http://www.rntobsnguides.org