Website Offers Downloadable Beats and Other Services


Kent, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2014 -- Farmboy Beats, a website that is dedicated to providing quality beats to its patrons, is currently offering all of their original beats and services at great prices. The beats that are found on the website are all original and made by Farmboy Beats themselves.

Upon opening the website of Farmboy Beats, one would immediately be blown away by the wide array of beats to choose from that can be downloaded. Farmboy Beats made a large selection of beats to cater to different music genres of different artists. All of the beats presented on the website are downloadable in three different versions. The versions are non-exclusive mp3, non-exclusive WAV, and exclusive. The different kinds of beats available on the website span almost the entire spectra of beats including instrumental beats and underground beats. It is worth noting that all the beats available for download are original meaning that they can only be found in their raw state on the website.

It is also worth noting that the beats are actually good compared to offerings of amateur producers. Aside from downloading beats, clients may also request for customized beats by contacting the creators of the website. This service is pretty nifty because customized beats work well for different commercials and or advertisements. Clients may also request mixing, mastering, and soundtracks depending on their needs. There is no defined price for these services meaning that clients may bargain with the creator of the website.

About Farmboy Beats
Farmboy Beats is a recently opened website that started their business only in 2013. The website was started by an individual who had a passion for music, specifically the beats that are used on the background of every music style. They offer a wide array of beats spanning different genres and styles. Their main aim is provide an avenue for their clients to download R&B beats, hip hop beats, and other styles of beats.