Private Money Exchange

Website Offers Peer-to-Peer Real Estate Investment Borrowers With Investors


North Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2012 -- Private Money Exchange announced today that their ground-breaking peer-to-peer lending is the best way to help real estate investors and real estate borrowers both get what they want and build a profitable alliance at the same time. In addition, the company announced they have the Private Funds needed by investors right now and encouraged interested parties to head to their website.

Robert S Singleton, Media Contact of Private Money Exchange, explained that real estate investors do not need to have great credit scores and can get the money they need quickly. Recently, Singleton told the press, "When investors are looking for Real Estate Investment Funds and they know banks will not lend to real estate investors, we can and we do loan. The truth is, we have more money than we can get placed. What we really need right now is real estate investors to bring great real estate investments deals to Private Money Exchange so that we can get the money the investor needs for funding. We don't care about your credit or your past credit woes, we work to build alliances that make both parties money - this is what we do and it's our passion."

When asked how someone that is interested in becoming a real estate investor would get started, Singleton stated, "I'll be honest with you, the easiest way to get going on becoming an investor is by going to our site at and fill out the short form. We have a team that is ready to contact you with information on investing and funding options that are available." Singleton also mentioned that it is not hard to get funding for investors when going through Private Money Exchange and the nicest aspect is, you can "buy them, fix them, and flip them quickly", which then creates the alliance between borrowers and investors.

Asked about the future of Private Money Exchange and Singleton said with a wide smile, "The future is bright - we continue to add investors and borrowers daily. We are one of the fastest growing peer-to-peer funding businesses available and we're unique because we work quickly. We're definitely not going anywhere and currently looking for more growth opportunities - we have a lot up our sleeves that we know investors and borrowers are going to love. The company is solid and I'm thrilled to be a part of making dreams come true everyday."

Private Money Exchange is part of Secured Investment Corp., and is specifically for providing private funding for Real Estate. These are for investors that cannot get the funding they need in a traditional sense, such as banks. It allows even those with poor credit to take advantage of investing while earning a profit when selling the property. In addition, Private Money Exchange allows those that are retired and wish to invest in safe returns such as real estate a great opportunity to do so. The system is set up to be a win-win platform for both investors and borrowers in the real estate market.