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Website Offers Top Jailbreaks for the iOS7


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2014 -- Mike Tutor of is offering a variety of jailbreak options for iOS7 users. Despite prevailing rumors that jailbreaks have not yet become available for iPhones running the new iOS7, Tutor has found a variety of methods and offers step by step, easy to use, visual user-guides on his website.

Jailbreaking Explained

Out of the box, the popular iPhone is beset with major limitations that are purposefully integrated into the system to restrict users to using only Apple approved Apps. This design is intended to keep iPhone users purchases in the Apple ‘family.’ Many iPhone owners are dissatisfied with these restrictions, seeking workarounds in order to utilize the full potential of their device. ‘Jailbreaking’ an iPhone unlocks certain capabilities, such as the ability to access alternate App store, Cydia. Many apps found on Cydia are more powerful than the ones available on the iTunes App store, allowing iPhone users seemingly unlimited options of customizing their device. People who jailbreak iPhones, do so with the idea that once someone has purchased a device, it is theirs to do with as they wish.

Top iOS7 Jailbreaks

There are a variety of jailbreaks found at, including a list of the best iOS7 jailbreaks available to date.

1. iJailbreak Pro is cited on the website as the number one jailbreak for the iOS7. With iJailbreak Pro, the jailbreaking process is easy, taking less than 5 minutes to complete. This software comes with a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. In addition to the jailbreak, iJailbreak Pro comes with an ‘unlock,’ allowing the iPhone user to use their phone with any service provider that they wish, as long as they get a sim card, and gives the option of avoiding restrictive contracts usually associated with signing up for cell phone service.

2. Apple Unlocker is ranked number 2 on, noting that it can take considerably longer to use than iJailbreak Pro. The reasons noted for Apple Unlocker’s 2nd place position is poor customer service, longer jailbreaking time, and the lack of any bonus material. Still, the product does it what it is supposed to and comes at a decent price.

3. Jailbreak Tool is found in 3rd place among the three best iOS7 jailbreaking programs available. The customer service is cited as being poor, with a phone number for India listed on the site that is expensive to call because of long distance charges. Using their e-mail option is cited as being problematic as well due to long response times and comprehension difficulties as a result of poor English skills. As the instructions are also written by non-English speaking individuals, they can be frustrating to work with. Jailbreak Tool also takes a good deal longer than iJailbreak Pro and Apple Unlocker, needing as much as 30 minutes to complete the jailbreaking process. Still, the program does what it is supposed to and comes at a decent price.

Further information on how to find and use the top iOS7 jailbreaks, can be found at

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