Relationship Advice Center

Website Provides Practical Advice to Create Loving and Supportive Relationships


Edwardsville, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2012 -- is announcing publicly today the existence of their Relationship Advice Center website, providing relationship strengthening advice, tips, and resources for couples, singles, or anyone that has had a failed relationship.

Michelle Crowther, media contact, was asked why the website was developed. "It's a rather funny but sad question at the same time - divorce rates are 50 percent and this figure doesn't even take into account couples that live together as 'married'. The number one question that is emailed to us is 'how to save a relationship'. The site was started as a way to show that relationships can be loving and supportive and the response was incredibly positive. Before long, the site became known as the 'relationship advice center'. One thing I have learned in my 30 year marriage is when two people are committed they can work through the ups and downs that all relationships go through".

Asked about what kind of information the site has, Mrs. Crowther said, "We have several advice and practical tip articles such as, 'how to get your ex back', which is another frequently asked question emailed to us so we decided to make a video also. We provide useful articles that are common issues amongst couples, such as rebuilding, having loving and supportive relationships, communication, strengthening, and what constitutes a 'healthy relationship'. In order to be healthy as a couple, both people need to be healthy emotionally".

" is not a '1-2-3 your relationship is fixed website', which in the real world of relationships is just not possible, so we're only offering real advice that we know makes relationships solid. What's important for people to understand is that relationships don't just happen they are 'created'. We hear from a lot of readers that want that infatuation they had with their partner when they first fell in love, but that's not possible when you deal with someone on daily basis. However, the love between the two grows and deepens with all the ebbs and flows of daily living - the couple grows individually and as a unit. Too many people today are chasing the 'high' of being in love and missing out on what may have been a loving and supportive relationship".

The Relationship Advice Center website offers solutions to couples dealing with everyday issues, resolving conflict, learning to communicate better, and creating the relationship you want. In addition, the website exists to help those that have not been able to maintain a loving relationship long-term as many of the articles can help a person see why they have had so many failed relationships.

When asked about the future of, Mrs. Crowther said, "We see the site growing even faster than it has in the past since we have gained a great deal of exposure via social media and other avenues. We have more visitors than we ever envisioned, which tells us that people truly need sound advice and practical tips to succeed in their relationships".