Substance Abuse Treatment Center Help Info

Website Provides Resources and Information for Anyone Struggling with Substance Abuse


Vallejo, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2012 -- is announcing to the public today the continued expansion of its mega-resource and information website, providing locations of substance abuse treatment centers, articles concerning addiction, and signs of different types of addition.

K. Ramone, media contact, was asked earlier why the website was created. "I had a vision awhile back of a website that provided resources for rehab centers in different areas of the world including the United States, Canada, England, Australia, and other regions. I also wanted the site to provide resources for both the families and the addict. The website is still growing, but we have found that the information has been well-received and very much appreciated. There are so many people that need help with a variety of addictions and without help, many will continue to use their drug of choice until they lose everything including their own lives in many cases. Having a website that provides fast and accurate information can literally mean the difference between life and death for some individuals".

Asked about the type of resources the website offers, Ramone said, "We offer resources for families that suspect their loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol and what the signs of addiction look like. We also offer a section that provides help paying for drug rehab so that the addict or family members know how to get the financial help they need and the various treatment centers that offer financial help. We have information on drug screening tests since many people that have been through rehab are ordered to do so through the courts as a condition of sentencing, and random drug tests become the norm. We began uploading useful articles pertaining to addiction and recovery just recently".

"The Substance Abuse Treatment Center website was a desire long before the website was ever launched. I'm proud of the information we have been able to get online quickly and we continue to add more resources constantly", said Ramone. So you believe that treatment centers are effective in helping those addicted to drugs and alcohol? Ramone eagerly responded, "A new report has found that 1 in 10 adults in the United States alone has at some point recovered from drugs or alcohol. While it's a huge number, it also shows that treatment and recovery are indeed possible for anyone that desires it, so yes I firmly believe that treatment centers are highly effective in treating the the disease of addiction".

When asked what the future of the site holds, Ramone said, "We'll continue adding more content to the site that we feel is useful for anyone dealing with addiction, which includes families of loved ones. Addiction affects everyone in the family, not just the addict".

The Substance Abuse Treatment Center website began as a way to provide valuable information and resources to both addicts and their families. It offers several treatment centers in various parts of globe along with the websites of the listed centers, if available. This makes it easier for those individuals that need to find a treatment facility quickly. The website is easy to navigate and provides extremely useful material for anyone that is affected by addiction.