Uncomfortable Foot

Website Provides Resources and Practical Help to Millions Suffering from Foot Problems


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2012 -- UncomfortableFoot.com is today announcing to the public the existence of their mega-resource website, providing practical help, tips, strategies and information to help those suffering from various foot problems and complaints.

Deena Walters, media contact, was recently asked why this site was developed. "Right now, around the world, there are millions of people who suffer - needlessly - from foot problems. I personally have dealt with them in my own life, but found that there is not much on the web to help people. We started to ask ourselves, "Why?, Why can't something be put out there that will be truly helpful?" That's how the Uncomfortable Foot site got started."

Asked about what kinds of information is on the site, Ms. Walters said, "A major portion of our site is devoted to helpful articles on various types of foot problems: Bunions, Diabetic Neuropathy, Plantar Fasciitis, foot problems experienced by pregnant women, even yellow toenails."

"Uncomfortablefoot.com also presents helpful information about the best comfort shoe brands. Not just their current offerings, but helpful information about the companies themselves, what makes them different. Dansko, NAOT, Haflinger, Keen, Sanita -- we cover all the bases for you, if you are looking for unbiased information," said Walters.

An innovative aspect of this website is its "Tips and Tricks" section. In this section you will find information on where to find the best deals from particular manufacturers, how to correctly measure your feet, finding comfortable kids shoes, dealing with foot odor, repurposing old rubber clogs, tips for people who must stand all day (like nurses and factory workers), and other topics. This section is updated with fresh content on a regular basis.

"One area we are particularly proud of," according to Walters, "is our Industry News section. We try to stay on top of the latest developments, changes, product offerings and the like from the various brands. We do this to save the average person precious time, they don't have to go off chasing rabbit trails to stay on top of what is happening."

To help those ready to do some shopping for footwear, UncomfortableFoot.com also devotes a section of their site to "Daily Deals and Footwear Coupons," which details which footwear retailers are offering special deals or sales, or who may be offering coupons or discount codes. Ms. Walters states that "the nifty thing about our daily deals section is that the links to the manufacturer deals are clickable. No further reading, just click the link and you are taken from our site directly to the company site, instantly."

Asked about the future of this site, Walters said, "We envision a bright future for us. We are getting lots of exposure presently, and for us that means that many people suffering right now are at last going to get the help that they need and deserve."