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Website Removes Negative Publicity, Reviews and Comments Left for Reputable Businesses


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/15/2011 -- It is what every business owner dreads the most: after spending years working hard to build up a solid and positive reputation as a great company to work with, along comes one crabby customer who decides to leave a nasty review online.

Within minutes, all of the effort and hard work spent creating a reputable business is in jeopardy. The negative comment is now on the World Wide Web for anyone and everyone to see, every single hour and day of the year. Whether it’s a pissed consumer comment or a Ripoff Report there is no telling how much business is lost each and every day due to these appearing in search engine results.

What can a business owner do in cases like this? Will the negative review truly stay online forever, or can it possibly be removed?

Recently, a website has been receiving a lot of attention for its ability to find and remove undesirable information that has been posted online about a person, website, or business. Profile Defenders an Online Reputation Management Service prides itself on helping good people who have been unfairly criticized on the World Wide Web.

Company spokesperson Jared Mitchell explained what makes Profile Defenders a leader in the Reputation Management Industry:

“With years of experience using secret and proprietary methods exploiting loopholes that very few people in the world are aware of to remove unwanted information about them on the internet.”

“This type of service is being used today by everyone from recent college graduates looking to get a job to Doctors, Lawyers, Celebrities, and High Profile Executives.“

“With each and every client we carefully examine the situation and decide what the best method is to get rid of the unwanted information. Many cases require us to suppress the negative information by replacing it with positive information in the search engine results.”

In addition to getting the negative listing removed, the SEO Service professionals at Profile Defenders can help create campaigns that will replace the negative information with a positive post that is factual and true. Sometimes the information is replaced within a day but other cases can take up to four months to fully bury all of the negative google results.

And because it’s possible for another negative review to pop up at any time, the staff at Profile Defenders will keep a vigilant watch for anything else that may need to be removed, to help make sure a quality business owner’s reputation stays accurate and clean.

Using the Profile Defenders website is easy. Simply enter in a name, email address and short description of the profile management issue, and a representative from the company will respond in a timely manner. For more immediate questions, live online help is also available.

Mitchell stressed that Profile Defenders will only work with reputable companies who deserve this assistance.

“We don’t offer this service to unethical companies who want to bury bad press,” he said. “Bad things happen to good companies and to good people. Fortunately for you, we're here to help!”

For more information on Profile Defenders, please visit http://profiledefenders.com or call 202-709-6751 for a free reputation consultation.