Website Reveals Shocking Truth About Caralluma Fimbriata Products


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/05/2013 -- Today, the website announces that there are a rising number of poor quality caralluma fimbriata products now available on the internet. The health blog also reveals that it is these poorer quality products that are now appearing at the top of the search engine results, and warns people to beware when buying any products online.

The Founder of, Estelle Brown today said, “This ingredient is highly effective for weight loss, as it suppresses the appetite and burns body fat. It has become more and more popular as a weight loss product in the last 5 years”.

She adds, “Up until now the quality of the products available has remained high, as they have all contained the same essential ingredient in order for the product to be effective. However, it has come to our attention that many of the products now available are not as high quality as they should be. Unfortunately, it is those products that are showing up at the top of the search engine results, so are therefore the ones most likely to be purchased”.

The website states how vital it is for anyone looking to buy a caralluma fimbriata product do research on their chosen product first.

Brown states that there are two vital elements, which must be taken into account when buying a product of this type.

“Firstly, a good quality product must contain ‘Slimaluma’. This is the most powerful form of caralluma that you can get. It is an award winning patented extract, and is the purest form of the ingredient available. Products that contain ‘caralluma fimbriata’ and not ‘Simaluma’, will not be the purest and strongest form of the plant, and may have deteriorated in the manufacturing process”

Brown then adds, “The second most important point is that the product must contain a quantity of 500mg of ‘Slimaluma’. This is the optimum quantity needed for the weight loss to be effective”. points out that many of the new products available do not clearly show the ingredients, so it may be impossible for a customer to see what the product really contains. The website also highlights the fact that one of the most popular caralluma fimbriata products online, only contains 60mg of the ingredient, which also happens to be a less superior extract to ‘Slimaluma’.

“This is a sorry state of affairs” says Estelle Brown. “People are buying products that will not work, and will ultimately lose faith in a weight loss ingredient that is capable of phenomenol weight loss results”.

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