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Website Security Testing Made Affordable for Small Businesses

Hackers Locked is a leading organization in providing website security testing services


Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2013 -- Hackers Locked is a leading organization in providing website security testing services, and they are happy to welcome small businesses to their lineup of clients. Providing a variety of online security services for businesses everywhere, Hackers Locked uses its specialties to afford modestly sized businesses with the resources that large corporations have been using for years.

Hackers Locked receives a lot of positive feedback in regards to their website penetration testing. Penetration testing services from Hackers Locked help mid-sized organizations quickly assess the security posture of their networks by safely identifying IT vulnerabilities before they are exploited. Hackers Locked consultants use real-world exploitation scenarios to demonstrate how attackers can gain access to sensitive data or systems and significantly impact their business using a combination of automated and manual techniques.

It is absolutely important for small businesses to take advantage of the services offered by Hackers Locked. After Hackers Locked performs their services, the business owner will receive a report on the weaknesses that were found and how vulnerabilities can be avoided and rectified. Proper website security testing is very useful for small and medium sized businesses to protect their data and more importantly, their business.

Pricing varies for small businesses that need web penetration testing from Hackers Locked, and people can go to https://www.hackerslocked.com/security-testing/web-penetration-testing.html for more information on web security testing services. To learn more about Hackers Locked, visit https://www.hackerslocked.com/. Contact the company by phone at +401 466 4546, +1 567 257 2403, or by emailing Hackers Locked directly at info@hackerslocked.com.

About Hackers Locked
Hackers Locked is a company specializing in online security services. In just a few years since launching this much-needed business, Hackers Locked has gained a great following from customers who are happy that the same web security testing large enterprises need are now available and reasonably-priced for small business owners.