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Website ‘Simplyfreeiphone dot com’ Unveils Free iPhone Giveaway


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2011 -- For most people, having a high quality cell phone equipped with the latest technology is more than just a luxury; it is a necessity. For many, having access at all times to emails, the internet and other needed information is a vital part of their success at their jobs.

In recent years, the iPhone has been one of the most overwhelmingly popular phones, purchased worldwide by millions of satisfied customers. The recent iPhone 4S release was met with enthusiasm by many across the globe.

But despite its status as a necessity for many people, the fact remains that iPhones do tend to be pricey. As a result, many people have searched for iPhone deals or cheap iPhones that are a bit friendlier on the budget.

A website recently announced a free iPhone giveaway, just as the iPhone 4S hit the market for the first time.

Simplyfreeiphone explains in easy to understand instructions how to get a free iPhone, adding that the offer is available to residents of the UK, Europe, the United States, and Canada.

“Whether it is the free iPhone 3GS, free iPhone 4 or free iPhone 4S that you’re after, the next five minutes will teach you how to get a free iPhone for nothing but a little bit of your time,” it explained on the website’s home page.

In a section of the home page titled “How The System Works” an article advises how it really is possible to get an iPhone free.

“It’s a competitive World out there and household names such as Intuit, Blockbuster, LittleBidTasty, Netflix, Gala, LOVEFiLM, to name just a few, are looking for ways to get new business,” the article said.

“If you are willing to give their free trials and low cost offers a go, you become a ‘potential’ customer and they have a chance to show off their product or service. In return, they are happy to pay an incentive or commission and that’s what funds the cost of giving you an iPhone for nothing.”

In addition to information about the iPhone giveaway, the website also features a blog and numerous posts about the popular brand of phone, from updates on how to preorder the 4S to tips on getting the cheapest iPhones on the market.

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