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Columbia, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2014 -- One of the most embarrassing and frustrating conditions to deal with is called hyperhidrosis, which is a condition that causes the sufferer to experience excessive sweating. To help provide sufferers with a solution to this problem Jerry Lin has created a website known as  Sweat Through It . The site aims to teach people dealing with excessive sweating how to stop it from ruining their social life.

According to the site, Botox is one of the most effective ways to prevent sweating or at least reduce how much a person sweats. Jerry notes that this treatment is normally used to get rid of wrinkles and lines on a person’s forehead, but it can be used to help control excessive perspiration. Jerry was quoted saying “Botox is a common treatment for hyperhidrosis but it can be expensive. The expense of this treatment is often justified by how well it helps prevent the sweat glands from releasing moisture. Sweat glands are what controls how much a person sweats and by blocking the sweat glands Botox helps to decrease perspiration.”

Jerry stresses that medical treatments like botox injections are not the only way to reduce how much a person sweats. There are natural treatments out there that have proven to help correct the abnormalities or issues in the sympathetic nervous system, which is what allows the sweat glands to produce too much perspiration. One of these natural treatments involves drinking a herbal tea made from sage leaves. The properties in sage will help cool down the body and prevent sweat by preventing the overproduction of the sweat glands. Jerry states, “in order to get the most out of sage tea you need to brew a tea using fresh sage leaves. Once the tea cools down you can drink the tea to help reduce sweating. Another way you can use sage tea is to boil a few sage tea bags in boiling water and then pour the tea into a basin. Submerge your hands or feet in the sage tea bath and leave it there for about 20 minutes before removing. The tea will help to block the pores so that less sweat is released from the body.”

According to Jerry there are many other different natural ways to treat excessive sweating, and they are all listed on his site In addition to information on how to properly treat excessive sweating, Jerry also offers great information on how to prevent the problem from developing in the first place. “You can ask any health care professional out there and they’ll tell you that the most important step in dealing with hyperhidrosis is to prevent the problem”, stated Jerry.

If you’re interested in learning more about hyperhidrosis and treating this embarrassing and frustrating medical condition check out Jerry’s website for more. He also provides videos and a monthly newsletter that goes over new treatments and more on excessive sweating. Also, visitors can ask Jerry and his team any question concerning their excessive sweating problem in order to get advice from fellow sufferers of this condition.

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The SweatThroughIt website helps people struggling with hyperhidrosis and aims to help teach people how to cure this problem.

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