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WebsiteAlive Announces Partnership with Leading Digital Agency,


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2014 -- Adam J. Stass, CEO of WebsiteAlive, understands that a company needs to be visible in the search engines in order to be visible in its industry. That is why, a few years ago, he set out to find premium search engine optimization services for his company. He understood that the only way to stay competitive in the online communication industry was to find the right digital agency that could provide these services.

Stass didn’t have to search long, as he was directed towards, one of Philadelphia’s fastest companies, to provide the services necessary to stay on the cutting-edge of the industry. Founder and President of, Lance Bachmann, realized that he could use WebsiteAlive’s live chat software, AliveChat, to help his company communicate more efficiently with website visitors. A partnership was made when Stass and Bachmann both decided they could take their companies to the next level by using each other’s services. Stass would turn to for internet marketing services, and Bachmann would turn to WebsiteAlive for its premium live chat software.

One of the main benefits of the partnership is to increase ROI and results. “Companies turn to SEO, pay-per-click, and social media to drive traffic to their websites, but what good does it do if the traffic does not convert into a live chat, email, or phone call?” Bachmann said. “Visitors to any website will have a great experience if there is an interaction right away, which is what AliveChat is.”

There is a synergy between the services provides and the software WebsiteAlive provides. can drive the right type of traffic to a business’s website, while WebsiteAlive helps seal the deal with the customers who are driven to a website. “If a customer has a question, and can get an answer right away, it is really going to help your business succeed and grow,” Bachmann added.

“Lance Bachmann gets it,” Stass says. “He understands that no matter how much you spend to get noticed online, if you don’t have a way to connect with the customers, you’re defeating the purpose. So it’s a perfect fit for our companies to work together. We’re now using 1SEO at WebsiteAlive and seeing double-digit increases, and 1SEO is using our live chat and concierge service. I encourage all businesses that have an online presence to have a great SEO program and live service for their site—even if it’s not ours!”

Bachmann is confident in introducing his clients to WebsiteAlive, because the synergy has worked well for him. “Since implementing AliveChat, our online leads have increased by almost 15 percent a month. Adam and I think each other’s companies are the best in the industry at what they do.”

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The forward-thinking software developer is a leading online communications provider in the United States. The company is committed to developing flexible and agile technological innovations that are delivered via a streamlined and straightforward approach. WebsiteAlive began operations in 2004, quickly becoming an industry-leading and award-winning click-to-call and live chat solutions provider. Over 11,000 mobile and web sites use WebsiteAlive, including those associated with small, medium and large businesses.

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