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Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2015 -- When implementing a successful live chat policy, timing is everything. Engage visitors too soon, and their comfort levels could drop drastically, making them abandon a site (and conversion) quickly, feeling pestered and rushed. Engage visitors too late, and companies chance letting the customer lose interest after fumbling around a site unassisted for too long. Visitors who feel pestered or neglected will never convert, and the potential leads and revenues they brought with them will go to a competitor., internationally renowned as one of the best live chat software providers, has perfected the process of executing a successful live chat campaign, and is there to assist companies of all sizes and in all industries.

According to WebsiteAlive, the most effective aspects of a successful chat program are timing, appearance and branding. If a company's chat window doesn't reflect the rest of the site and convey the brand, confusion can ensue and tempt the visitor to flee. What's more, if the formatting is sloppy and the message from the agent vague, the company's invested efforts can backfire and potentially harm the business. While proper formatting and training can alleviate some of these issues, creating effective rules of engagement, such as timing standards, will make a world of difference.

Studies have shown that website visitors proactively assisted by agents, without having to click on the "Chat" button, are up to 6 times more likely to complete a purchase. Having established protocols for engaging users both before and after a purchase will help to increase those conversions and improve user satisfaction. Companies should make sure their agents are prepared to answer questions pertaining to product/service details, shipping and return policies and current deals/promotions when engaging customers before a sale or conversion. After a sale has been made, customers look for knowledgeable answers about tracking orders, delivery methods and obtaining copies of receipts. Having these protocols in place can raise customer satisfaction, increase close rates and lower costs per inquiry. encourages businesses to implement a well-managed chat program in order to optimize conversions and customer satisfaction. Companies in need of live chat software for their website, should call WebsiteAlive at 888-698-4513 or visit at their earliest convenience.

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