Announces New Website Marketplace

Business-centric marketplace makes it easier to buy and sell business websites, reports


Lochbuie, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/23/2014 -- Major website auction companies can get up to a bid a minute across their platforms, and in 2011, almost $31 million worth of sites were sold on one platform alone. These big platforms, however, are often so broad that it can be hard for buyers to find exactly what they're looking for. Conversely, sellers may find that the site's bidders aren't looking for what they want to sell. To make it easier for people who are specifically looking to buy and sell website businesses, ( announces its new website marketplace.

"The main problem with the big marketplaces is that they contain too many listings that are irrelevant to those in the market to buy a business," says Kris of "There are businesses for sale there, but there are also plenty of domains that have nothing but placeholder content or even no content at all. This can make it hard for business-oriented customers to find what they're looking for."

When people buy or sell a site at Website Business for Sale (, they will find several industry-standard features that make it easier to determine the important factors about a site and help to prevent scams. An escrow system keeps the financial aspect safe and helps to ensure that both parties are satisfied before the money actually changes hands. Tools, such as SEMrush and a whois lookup, allow potential buyers to take a peek under the hood of the sites they're considering.

"It's important to note that a site doesn't have to have traffic or PageRank in order to be interesting to buyers," Kris notes. "Turnkey business websites, which are set up with content and any required features like contact forms or shopping carts, are sought after by customers who want to go into business online without having to deal with the technical aspects."

One thing that really sets Website Business for Sale above the bigger sites is its lack of success fees. Sellers will not have to worry about losing a chunk of their profit to these much-maligned costs. There are also free listing options, and a listing runs until the site is sold. Buyers will enjoy the free website transfers that are offered. This makes it easier and cheaper to buy or sell your website ( at instead of at another website marketplace.

It takes only a few seconds to list a website for sale, according to a user of this marketplace. Other reviews praise the site for its sleek design, ease of use, and high success rates. Clearly, the designers of Website Business for Sale have worked hard to eliminate all of the negatives found at other marketplaces.

About is a new marketplace specifically set up for the buying and selling of business websites. It offers everything from turnkey sites with no traffic to established, revenue-generating online businesses. Its lack of fees and simple interface are hits with users.