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Since 1998, has sold and provided guidance on various web properties and technology companies.


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2014 -- Since 1998, has sold and provided guidance on various web properties and technology companies. The process and analysis involved in selling digital companies is far disparate from marketing and selling bricks and mortar stores; for this reason, has perfected their marketing and selling strategies through experience in terms of sheer volume of sales, as well as owning and operating their own Internet Companies. Examples of some of the properties represented by the professionals at Website Closers includes, but is not limited to, eCommerce websites; representing those that desire to sell Amazon business, eBay businesses, Flash Sales sites, Daily Deals sites, drop shippers, and many others; technology companies, SEO and Marketing agencies, etc.

Touching upon their proven techniques, a representative from noted, “Selling online websites is our business. There is a saying in our business that every deal has nine lives. It takes a skilled Broker to successfully navigate through the endless myriad of obstacles that occur in nearly every deal, and this is especially the case with Internet Businesses because many banks still to this day do not fully grasp the inner working of a web business. It is our job to not only sell Amazon businesses and eCommerce sites, among others, but also to manage the process and fix the issues that arise during the process of selling those businesses. When selling a website, both sides have various needs and in a lot of cases, emotional issues can override the nuts and bolts of the deal. Managing expectations and keeping an even keel allows the selling a website process to proceed smoothly. Submitting an offer is only the beginning. It is wise deal crafting that allows the lenders and their underwriters to approve.”

About, a leading website business brokerage, dedicated to representing those selling internet businesses, software and app companies and other technology assets. If one has a website business or other technology company, with an eye on developing an exit strategy, simply give them a call or send them an email to learn more. All messages are responded to same-day – no exceptions. They have experience buying, selling and owning a number of different kinds of Internet businesses, including e-commerce websites, software companies, Amazon businesses, eBay businesses, and other digital assets. Because of this experience, they are in the best possible position (compared to other business brokers) to get a tech deal closed fast while maximizing the sales price.

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