Delivers Significant Strategies on How to Sell an Amazon Business offers the skills, background and knowledge necessary to sell your Amazon company, and is ranked among the best brokerage companies in the industry for the sale of all things digital.


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2014 -- offers the skills, background and knowledge necessary to sell your Amazon company, and is ranked among the best brokerage companies in the industry for the sale of all things digital. Their team consists of experts in eCommerce, marketing, advertising, sales and brokerage that work in harmony to offer an amazing array of tools to be utilized during the buying and selling of websites. Clients that have an interest in learning the pros and cons associated with either buying a site, or selling a site, should contact them at their corporate headquarters for a FREE consultation and best-in-class valuation of the associated digital assets. The brokerage team never gets paid until a deal closes, so you have nothing to lose by giving them a call.

Two decades of experience in the industry significantly sets them apart from other business brokers. And the focus on Internet and Online companies puts them into a niche that outpaces the competition. And add in large lending relationships as well as their superior aptitude for getting deals CLOSED, and you find one of the best business brokers in the Internet sector.

Most business brokers focus on the sale of Bricks & Mortar business operations, but at Website Closers, the focus is all things digital. So, the people at this firm have extensive experience in not only buying and selling Internet companies, but they also have significant, successful experience operating websites as well. The expert valuation team has been touted as highly efficient and programmatic by utilizing all possible factors to raise the strike price of the business as high as the market will bear. And after speaking to a professional broker at, it may be in a client’s best interest to wait to exit until the time is right – these brokers have been trained to be patient and to offer guidance on how best to position the company from a timing and operational perspective in an effort to maximize purchase price during exit. All possible options are put on the table, putting the website seller in the best possible position to be successful in their asset sale.

A spokesperson from Website Closers, Jason Guerrettaz, Executive Director, mentioned, “We understand the nuances associated with website operations, and we have the experience in closing deals along with the financial background necessary to ensure our clients receive the very best possible multiple for their business. This financial background will help our clients prepare their businesses for review by banks, lenders and/or investors, including those that utilize the Small Business Association to back the small business loans that they underwrite.”

Because of this firm’s acute attention to detail and a focus on their core competency, digital assets, and their successful history of operating large eCommerce portfolio companies, they have the kind of experience that most brokers lack. Examples of experience our team have includes running Search Engine and Social Media Optimization campaigns, PPC management, Website Development, operating Amazon Seller Central Accounts, and much more. This experience and knowledge sets them apart from the rest and can make a big difference in the process of discussing a potential business with a buyer or lender. Their core knowledge helps them answer client’s questions, like how to sell my website business, as well as discussing the transaction with lenders, accountants and other brokers. In addition, this background helps them better understand the marketplace acceptance of a particular purchase price, and thus, drive valuations accordingly.

About is dedicated to representing sellers of online businesses looking to exit and buyers looking to acquire. If one wants to know how to buy and sell websites, simply go to them. They have experience selling a number of different kinds of businesses, including e-commerce websites, software companies, Amazon businesses, and eBay businesses, businesses that sell on, and many others. In fact, they are unmatched when it comes to learning how to sell an Ecommerce Site. In addition, they have helped sell businesses that operate within the Internet space, but are not traditional online businesses like Daily Deals sites, Flash Sales sites and many more.

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