Joe Bragg Allows People to Take Website Building Into Their Own Hands


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/25/2012 -- Building a website can be a daunting task to many individuals and small business owners. In today’s climate, it is essential to have a web presence, but getting one built can often be an expensive process.

Web Creation Experts have launched their website to provide a free resource for users to learn how to build and manage their own website. The guide is in easy to understand, plain English and explains the process in a step by step format.

Five key steps to create a website are outlined in the introduction to the guide: register your domain name, hosting your website, set the name servers and the domain registrar, installing wordpress, and configuring wordpress. Experts will recognize these as the most essential elements of creating a website, and the guide goes on to express in detail how each of these steps can be achieved, empowering those who might not feel they are technically inclined to be able to undergo the process of creating a website at a fraction of the cost a professional web developer might charge for the same services.

Many first-time web developers are paralyzed by the sheer number of different providers, hosting services and website builders on offer, and walk away for fear of making the wrong decision and misrepresenting their company through bad service. Web Creation Experts have taken this into consideration in their guide, and offer recommendations as to the best providers to use along with hyper-links and step by step guides through the process of using them, so there’s no need for users to panic about making the wrong call.

After users have completed the step-by-step tutorial they will be eager to distinguish their site from the millions of others already occupying the internet, and so high quality editorial content is provided on how to use the features of wordpress to distinguish a web-presence with customizable designs, features and functions.

A spokesperson for Web Creation Experts said, “We know how people feel when facing creating a website for the first time. We were there at the start of the dot com boom. Since then, we’ve become experts in web creation. We believe that guidance through the processes necessary to make your own website is essential, but most small businesses and individuals don’t require the kind of advanced websites professional developers are paid to produce. This is a free, simple solution to fill that divide.”

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