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Sydney, New South Wales -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2012 -- A website is practically essential for anyone doing business, and many people feel the need to have a personal website too. It wasn’t so long ago that creating a website was a difficult proposition and required in depth technical knowledge and software expertise. These days creating a website is a fairly simple process that anyone with a reasonable level of computer literacy can accomplish, and resources exist on the web to help beginners make their first website easily.

One such resource that is gaining a lot of attention is, a free online website creation tutorial that is helping hundreds of businesses and individuals get online. Their reputation for clear, simple instructions and easy to follow tutorial on how to make a website has gathered a lot of fans and admirers.

The site is very simple and up front. A clear, step by step process for creating a professional looking business or personal website is explained comprehensively in straightforward language. The tutorial avoids complex technical terms and other complex language that may confuse novices.

The entire website creation process is explained, from registering a domain name and getting hosting all the way to building the actual site and putting it online. There are no blind spots or places where important facts remain unexplained.

A spokesperson for the website said:

“Creating your first website can be incredibly daunting and many individuals and businesses never take the first step because they believe you need to a computer guru to make a website. To create your own website doesn’t have to be difficult, however doing it for the first time without help is overwhelming. Our site is completely free and allows visitors to watch over our shoulder, with the help of screenshots, as we do everything from registering a domain, hosting it, changing name servers and installing Wordpress. Other than watching someone live we believe it’s the best way to learn, we leave nothing to chance. It’s very gratifying when we get emails from visitors who have completed their first website thanks to our tutorials.”

About is an online website creation tutorial. It contains clear, step by step instructions to help novices get a website online as quickly and easily as possible.

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