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WebsiteWorthSpot.com-the Fast Growing One of a Kind Platform Which Helps Businesses Evaluate Their Online Worth

WebsiteWorthSpot.com which launched just a few days back is already creating a positive buzz among websites for giving them accurate business evaluations of their net worth

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Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2013 -- While it is quite common to evaluate the net worth of real companies, it is not very common to hear about the evaluation of net worth of virtual businesses. Newly launched website, WebsiteWorthSpot.com, which went live just a few days ago, on December 9, does exactly that. It aids businesses to evaluate their potential website worth.

Within a few days of its launch itself, this web portal has had more than 100 submissions for net worth evaluations from various websites. This unique service was created by Alex Woods who got the idea to establish such a website while he was on the lookout for a way to find out how to improve or even sell his website. WebsiteWorthSpot.com collects data from multiple different sources, including backlinks, social profiles and other online tools after which it analyses the data and attempts to understand the website's value.

It is essential for businesses to know where they stand in the market so that their financial progress is kept under check. This website helps them gauge their position as compared to their rivals and gives them an insight about whether to pull up their socks or keep going as they are, depending on whether the net worth that WebsiteWorthSpot.com calculates meets their expectations. At this fresh and growing website, users will be able to find a list of the top earning websites in wherein Facebook's value has been calculated to be $1.3B and Pinterest stands at $329M.

Seventeen signals such as website visitors, number of backlinks and social signals in the website’s algorithm are employed to arrive at the best possible estimate of an online business’ worth. As the web is constantly changing, dynamic entity, WebsiteWorthSpot.com keeps revising its formula on a regular basis in order to match what matters most to web owners and investors.

Creator of WebsiteWorthSpot.com, Alex Woods states, "When you build a website, sometimes it's tough to know what helps your site the most. WebsiteWorthSpot.com helps website owners see exactly how they could improve their presence online."

Founded by Alex Woods, WebsiteWorthSpot.com is a new website that helps businesses evaluate how much their website could be worth. It does so by scanning, analyzing and ranking the world's websites according to their estimated value.

Media Contact:
Name: Alex Woods
Email: press@websiteworthspot.com
Website: WebsiteWorthSpot.com
Phone: (312) 725-0385