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Webster Wheelchairs Still Rolling After 48 Years


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2012 -- Wheelchairs have been a necessity for people with spinal injuries, mobility issues and other conditions that prevent them from having full use of their bodies. Often the quality of a wheelchair can directly correlate to their quality of life.

Webster Wheelchairs have been providing best quality wheelchairs since 1964. Forty eight years on, they are continuing their work in the 21st century by launching a wide range of products on their recently released website.

The site breaks down its products in to two chief categories covering wheelchairs themselves and their associated accessories. All the wheelchairs on offer come with high quality imagery, a detailed product description and clear prices for purchase and rental where available.

Webster Wheelchairs set themselves apart by their features, developed using their decades of expertise in the field and their intimate knowledge of the evolution of wheelchairs. They offer a help guide that asks simple questions about the requirements and usage of the visitor and make subsequent recommendations to fit the specifications outlined by their answers. This elegantly simple process cuts out much of the browsing that can waste valuable time, and makes it easier than ever to make the right purchase.

The site also offers the option of renting wheelchairs for those who may only need one temporarily, as is the case with injuries or curable conditions. Webster Wheelchairs also throw in a no-quibble guarantee policy and free delivery on a range of wheelchairs, along with giving advice on how to reclaim VAT relief where applicable. Their comprehensive solution is reflective of their authority within the field.

A spokesperson for Webster Wheelchairs explained, “We have been successfully providing safe and comfortable mobility solutions since 1964, so we have unparalleled expertise in the field and are one of the UK’s best wheelchair providers. Because we understand that those requiring wheelchairs may not easily be able to visit us, we’ve launched our website to make us easily accessible from home via the world wide web. Making ourselves accessible is in keeping with our philosophy of making the world more accessible to the disabled and mobility-restricted.”

About Webster Wheel Chairs
Webster Wheelchairs are all NHS approved and are used all over the UK. They meet the rigorous safety standards demanded by the NHS and unlike their competitors, they test the majority of their chairs to destruction and prioritise their clients safety and comfort. For more information please visit: