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Webtek Announces the Expansion of Their SEO Services


Lancaster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the driving force that helps businesses get noticed on the major internet search engines. Most potential customers will not make it past the third page of search results, so the higher a company ranks in the listings, the more traffic will be driven to that website. Webtek has been providing all kinds of web services and internet marketing to their clients for years, but they are pleased to announce the expansion of the services in SEO Lancaster companies can expect.

There are two primary ways to do the SEO Lancaster companies desire. The first way is through the website itself. Websites have content and headers that are indexed by the search engines during the indexing process. The algorithms check the number of mentions of specific keywords and how the density relates to other content on the site. This is the SEO Lancaster companies are the most familiar with, and this style of SEO has been a part of Webtek’s web design for several years.

Off-site SEO is the newest trend in SEO Lancaster must deal with. This is the count of the number of times a company’s website is mentioned or back linked from other places. Every time a link to the company’s website appears on another reputable site, the search engine index improves the company’s search engine ranking. A good strategy for off-site optimization looks natural to the indexing sites, and is a slow, steady process of moving up the search engine rankings. Webtek’s SEO services have now expanded to include a full range of off-site options for companies.

Webtek is a one stop shop for a company’s web presence needs. With the expansion of their SEO services to include off-site optimization, Webtek is poised to become a leader in the SEO Lancaster companies need.

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