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Wedding Dress Designer Provides Tips on Recreating Famous Dresses

When it comes to ordering wedding dresses in Richmond, some brides may want a dress that mimics one worn by a celebrity, and one designer suggests how to achieve the perfect result.


Richmond, London -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2013 -- 13 June, 2013: Tatiana Porembova, a wedding dress designer who designs wedding dresses in Richmond, has created hundreds of unique and beautiful wedding gowns over the years. Often she is asked to create something completely unique, but she will also receive requests for a wedding dress design that is similar or identical to an iconic wedding dress worn by a celebrity, actress or princess.

For example, in the past she has been asked to recreate dresses such as those worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, Grace Kelly, Kate Moss and Audrey Hepburn amongst others. As a designer of couture wedding dresses in Richmond, she is always happy to base a design on a classic dress.

Now she is providing a few tips to brides-to-be who want to wear their own dresses that emulate one of their favourite iconic dresses.

Why do some women want to wear replicas? There are many reasons, but Tatiana suggests that the main ones are that women like to emulate their favourite celebrities, and that they have seen the dress in action already and just know that it is exactly what they want for their own wedding day. Also, one of the main reasons is that they know they will feel like a real star wearing a dress that they have seen on their favourite film star or celebrity.

Tatiana, who designs a wide range of couture wedding dresses in Richmond, says that in order to get the perfect dress, women should find a designer with a lot of experience who can show examples of previous dresses. They should also take along lots of images and even video footage to give the designer a better idea of how it looks.

Finally, they should also consider adding a unique twist to the design. It is great to base a design on a famous dress, but a bride’s big day has to be her own, and it is therefore a good idea to make the dress something unique to her day and no one else’s, which a skilled designer can help to achieve.

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