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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2014 -- A wedding is all about memories. Big or small, lavish or simple, private or everyone's-invited, traditional or exotic; there's one thing that no wedding can do without - photographs that capture those precious moments and freeze them into memories that never fade. That is why, when it comes to best wedding photography, Edwin Ochoa is the man to call.

Based in New York, Edwin Ochoa is one of the most successful wedding photographers and is known for his personalized styling and his ability to bring out emotions simmering just beneath the surface. His approach to wedding photography is not that of an outsider, but of someone who is a part of the family.

Wedding photography is a craft that requires skill, planning and a whole new level of understanding. It involves much more than simply aiming at the bride and groom and shooting few snaps, which is what many of the guests will be doing.

The first and foremost consideration is a clear understanding of the space. Unless the photographer is familiar with every part of the venue, the end result is bound to be lackluster, since the framing will be haphazard and one scene will not flow into the next seamlessly.

Second is empathy. In layman's terms, the photographer should know when to stay out of the way, and when to get up close. In the absence of empathy and an understanding of the moods and personal spaces of the guests and the couple, it could turn out to be a sour memory for all concerned.

Finally, the end product; The presentation of the photographs needs to be more than a random collage of pictures brought together within some digitally re-worked impersonal design. At best, such a tactic saves the photographer some time and looks barely passable. At worst, it ends up becoming an unpalatable quiche of random design that can put viewers off the actual photographs themselves. What the album must do is reflect the sensibilities of the couple and the families totally.

Edwin Ochoa pays attention to each of these aspects, up to the smallest detail. The ever-growing list of satisfied customers and couples are a testament to this fact.

About Edwin Ochoa
Edwin Ochoa is a wedding photographer based in New York. Thanks to his integrity, work ethic and ability to capture beautiful memories, he is a brand by himself.

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