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Weddings by Morris Extends Their Portfolio Illustrating Their Photography Tells a Story

Weddings By Morris of Sydney Australia takes a photo journalism approach akin to that used by correspondents and documentarians to capture the unique beauty and reality of weddings.


Sydney, NSW -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2014 -- Wedding photography is a unique and highly specialised discipline, and it has evolved rapidly with the onset of digital SLR photography and digital image editing, which has allowed photographers to let their creativity run away with them. While this has had many positive results, it has also begun to interfere with and obfuscate the true mission of wedding photography- to accurately reflect the unique relationship that is being undertaken as a lifetime commitment. Sydney wedding photography company Weddings By Morris offers couples an escape from this highly contrived new fashion to deliver documentary style photography that tells a true story of a magical day. They have recently added new images to their portfolio online to give prospective customers and insight into their unique approach.

The photographers are experts at capturing unscripted, genuine moments of emotion from throughout the day, from the expectant joy and trepidation to the sense of pride and fulfillment, not just from the couple themselves but of all those around them, all achieved by the least obtrusive wedding photographer in Sydney.

The photographers also take beautiful shots of the scenery, the event space and the journeys to bring together a perfect representation of the day, using a combination of colour, black and white and filtered photographs, delicately mastered to conjure up the atmosphere of those moments. Their newly extendedwebsite has a portofilio of different couples for whom the photographic expression of their experiences are as unique and varied as the individuals themselves.

A spokesperson for Weddings By Morris explained, “Too often wedding photographers are self-indulgent in the level of contrivance they will inflict upon couples to get marquee shots that say very little about the couple themselves and are instead set up to make the photographer look impressive. We focus entirely on reflecting the truth of the relationship of the couple in question, and doing so with top notch photographers and cameras to reflect the true beauty of the day, its particular character and charm, and the personality of those making this deep and profound commitment.”

About Weddings By Morris
Weddings By Morris, based in Sydney Australia, believe the best way to capture a wedding day is to photograph candidly using a documentary approach. Their focus is on capturing the real moments that tell the story of their day, offering a unique and true reflection of the love between two people on the most important day of their lives. For more information, please visit: